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Tianjin (??; pinyin: tian jin, Postal System Pinyin: Tientsin) is a harbour municipality in China on the Hai He River (from Beijing) and Bohai Gulf of the Yellow Sea (Pacific Ocean). The placename literally means “the Heavenly Port”.

Tianjin is one of four independent municipalities in the People’s Republic of China with provincial-level status. Historically, the city was, for a time, the capital of Hebei Province.

The city was first settled in 1404 AD during Ming Dynasty as a fort, named Tianjin Wei (Fort Tianjin).

Tianjin County was established in 1731.

The city was opened to foreign trade in June 1858, at the end of the first part of the Second Opium War, when the Treaties of Tianjin were signed.

It has been municipality in 1927, except from 1958 to 1967, when it was reduced to a provincial city and capital of Hebei.

Tianjin is at the northern end of the Grand Canal of China, which connects with the Huang He and Chang Jiang rivers. Tianjin borders Hebei province, the municipality of Beijing and the Bohai Gulf of the Yellow Sea.

The GDP per capita was

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