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Ningxia produces various unique agricultural, side-line and livestock products, such as the fruit of Chinese wolf berry, Helan stone, Tan sheepskin, and flagelliform nostoc, commonly known as the red, yellow, blue, white and black treasures of Ningxia.

Local Products and Handicrafts

The Fruit of Chinese Wolfberry (Red Treasure)

The fruit of Chinese wolfberry is a precious traditional Chinese medicine, full of nutrition and of high medicinal value. 1t is a traditional export commodity brand of Ningxia.

The Licorice Root (Yellow Treasure)

The licorice root is a rare traditional Chinese medicine. The licorice roots produced in Ningxia are famous for their fresh taste and high quality. Xizheng-brand licorice roots, or Xizheng-brand grasses, are exported to many countries in the world.

Flagelliform Nostoc (Black Treasure)

Growing in the deserts and semi desert areas, flagelliform nostoc is high-grade food.

Tan Sheepskin (White Treasure)

The wool of Tan sheep is soft, light and puffy, with long and even fiber, suitable for making high-grade blankets, shawls and scarves. Jacquard blankets produced by Ningxia are well known in the world for their high quality and unique style.

Helan Stone (Blue Treasure)

Helan stones are discovered at the precipices in Helan Mountain with an elevation of about 2,600 m. With an even structure, the high-quality stones are ideal materials for making ink slabs.

Helan ink slabs are durable, and good at holding ink and protecting the brush. In Chinese history, Helan ink slabs were equally famous with Duan and She ink slabs.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Tourist Service Company
  • Local products, cigarettes, wine, non-staple articles for daily use
  • 14 Gulou E. St.
  • Tel:6025731
  • Tourism Products Industrial Company
  • Producing tourism handicrafts, souvenirs
  • 25 Beiman E. Rd.
  • Tel:6010234
  • Ningxia Commercial Building
  • Articles for daily use, gold & silver ornaments
  • 56 Jiefang W. St.
  • Tel:5022340
  • Gulou Plaza, Supply and Marketing Cooperative
  • Industrial products, food, gold & silver ornaments
  • 43 Jiefang E. St.
  • Tel:6025671
  • Ningxia Plaza, Xidan Plaza Group
  • Gold, pearls, jewels, ornaments
  • Gongyuan Iiekou, Jiefang W. St.
  • Tel:5045822
  • Ningxia Antique Shop
  • Antiques, tourism souvenirs
  • 60 Wenhua E. St.
  • Tel:6027357

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