Lhasa / Shopping Streets


Lhasa is the capital of Tibetan autonomous region whose habitants are Tibetan. The Tibetans are diligent and intelligent. Their handicraft articles are known for their exquisite craftsmanship and unique plateau characteristics.

Local Products and Handicrafts

Tibetan Medicines

Tibetan medicines are tonics, which can help improve people’s health, and are good gifts to friends and relatives. The Nyainqentanglha Sacred Medicine Spring Holiday Center and the Tibetan Medicine Convalescence Center are both tourism designated units. The Tibetan Pharmaceutical Factory in Tibet, and the Tibet Qizheng Tourism Art Objects Company mainly sell Tibetan medicines.

Tibetan Carpet

As one of the three main kinds of carpets in the world, Tibetan carpet is world renowned for its excellent workmanship, unique patterns showing strong ethnic and religious characteristics, and beautiful colors.

Tibet produces a wide variety of carpets. Some are simple but elegant; others are noble and luxurious. All of them are exquisite works of art. The Lhasa Carpet Factory is an authoritative enterprise producing Tibetan carpets. Its products have been sold to the other parts of China, as well as to Europe and America.

Shopping Streets

Bharkor Street and the Ethnic Plaza

Bharkor Street in Lhasa and the Ethnic Plaza are the best places for you to buy high quality and beautiful ethnic handicrafts at fair prices. The commodities they sell are ancient and unsophisticated, such as agate ornaments, and copper articles. In the Ethnic Plaza close to the Bharkor Street, customers can find more ethnic handicrafts, such as crystal ornaments, Tibetan joss sticks, Indian joss sticks, and Tibetan masks and costumes.

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