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Jinan is the capital city of Shandong. It has shopping centers everywhere and has some 60 large trade centers each with a business area of above 10,000 square meters. They have a total floor space of 1.4 million square meters. Six commercial centers on Quancheng Road, Jingsi Road, Nanmen and other places have added luster to the city. The newly built Quancheng Square has become the largest shopping center of the city. Luokou Clothing City, Shandong Furniture City, Dikoulu Fruit Wholesale Market, Yingxiongshan Cultural Market and other specialized wholesale markets demonstrate their potentials in the city. Also the chain supermarkets, easy shops, storage shops and membership malls and shopping centers have registered a rapid development.

The shopping centers have a good environment and their commodities are in great variety. The ranking shops and malls include Guihe Shopping Center, Yinzuo Commercial City, Grand View Garden and Renmin Mall. The city has totally 15 designated shops for foreign tourists. They mainly sell souvenirs, handicrafts and local and special products.

Famous Bazaars

Yinzuo Shopping Square

It is a modem center for shopping, catering, amusement and leisure. It has a floor space of 40,000 square meters. It is the largest single floor mall in China and sells more than 80,000 kinds of commodities. Also it has exquisite goods exclusive sales districts, large supermarkets and catering and amusement area. It is an ideal place for shopping and relaxation with a quiet and nice environment, excellent services and quality commodities.

Grand View Garden Stock Co. Ltd.

A retail enterprise with a long history, it mainly sells 50,000 kinds of commodities in 30 categories including clothing, daily-use articles, electrical household appliances, gold and silver jewelry, communications facilities, cigarettes, wines and tea.

Yinzuo Commercial City

In the middle section of Luoyuan Street, it is the largest shopping center in Shandong with the best facilities and the most complete functions. It covers a floor space of 58,000 square meters and sells 120,000 kinds of famous and exquisite products from in and out.

It has a quiet and nice environment, equipped with advanced facilities. The business building is administered under an intellectual system. In addition, it has a reception counter, post office, automatic teller machines, foreign currency exchange counter and other service facilities.

New World Commercial City and Cultural Market

New World Commercial City has a floor space of 40,000 square meters. The five-story main building has installed a central air-conditioning system, electrical escalators, and advanced telecommunications facilities and so on. The underground floor is the largest furniture city. Non-staple food, daily-use articles and electrical household appliances are sold on the first floor. Clothes, shoes and hats are sold on the second floor. Also there is the largest cloth fabrics wholesale and retail market on the second floor. The largest cultural market of the province is on the third floor. On the fourth floor are a ballroom and a restaurant.

New World Cultural Market is one of the largest in Shandong Province selling new and old handicrafts, calligraphic works and Chinese traditional and oil paintings by famous celebrities at home and abroad in history or modern times. Also there are root carvings, ceramics and jade products.

Guihe Shopping Center

A modern and international-level trade mansion, it is developed and built by Shandong Power Luneng Group and administered by the CVIK Group in Beijing. The center looks like a bright pearl in the eyes of local people for its European style elegant buildings, beautiful environment and high-taste and high-grade business attitude.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Yinzuo Commercial City
  • 66 Luoyuan St.
  • Tel:6065543
  • Yinzuo Shopping Square
  • 99 Luoyuan St.
  • Tel:6065925
  • Guihe Shopping Center
  • 1 Tianditan St.
  • Tel:6028888
  • Grand View Garden Mall
  • Jingsiwei’er Rd.
  • Tel:6050365
  • Provincial Cultural Relics General Store
  • 1 Gongqingtuan Rd.
  • Tel:6921185
  • Jinan Cultural Relics Store Jewelry City
  • 168 Jing’er Rd.
  • Tel:6057156
  • Fuyu Handicraft Co. Ltd.
  • 146 Jingqi Rd.
  • Tel:7930866

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