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Hong Kong is a world-renowned shopping center. High-grade famousbrand commodities and toys are seen everywhere in Hong Kong. Tourists from all over the world love to buy clothes in Hong Kong, where different kinds of shops sell different clothes. It is worth mentioning that silk products here are quite expensive. Cashmere sweaters produced in the inland and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region can be found in Hong Kong. They are smooth, soft, light and high quality.

Hong Kong is a world of gold, pearls and jewels. There are two kinds of jewelry shops in Hong Kong – traditional jewelry shops and famous brand jewelry shops. If you pay a visit to antique shops in Hong Kong, you will find a wide variety of Chinese style antiques, even more than those at the shops in the mainland of China. The commodities for daily use made in Asia and Europe can be found here, in addition to Chinese tea, and books in different languages.

Famous Shopping Centers

Times Square

With the Times Square as the center, there are many beautiful buildings, and about 300 shops. Each shop covers a large area, and sells special commodities. If customers want to save time, they should make an investigation beforehand and enter some special shops. At the shops, in addition to brand products made in Hong Kong, customers can find sports goods, commodities for children, discs, etc.

New World Center

From B/2 to T/F4, there are about 140 shops, mainly selling the latest fashions. The famous fashion brands are mainly made in Hong Kong.

World Trade Center

The World Trade Center enjoys a high reputation among customers due to its wide variety of up-to-date commodities and reasonable prices. Its high-quality goods can meet the demands of customers of different age groups.

Giordano Ltd.

With 43 shops in Hong Kong, Giordano is a standard-bearer of brand shops in Hong Kong. With a simple style and over 40 kinds of colors, Giordano has been well received by customers because of its reasonable price and clothes for casual wear.

Treasure Ease Ltd.

Treasure Ease Ltd. is a boutique selling high-quality freshwater pearls at wholesale or retail. Necklaces, ear rings and rings can be made to order according to customers’ requirements.

Just Gold Co. Ltd.

Just Gold Co. Ltd. is a store selling pure gold (999.9 percent) ornaments, which enjoy a high reputation among the Hong Kong people.

Auspicious Hall

Auspicious Hall is an antique shop, which is just like a history museum. The owner is a virtuoso. If a customer finds the antique he has bought is counterfeit, or is not satisfied with it, he will be refunded.

Fook Ming Tong Shop

Located in the Prince Bldg. by the Land Mark, Fook Ming Tong Shop is a special shop selling various kinds of Chinese tea, tea sets and beautifully packed Dragon Well Tea, Tieguanyin Tea and Puer Tea, which are good gifts to relatives and friends.

Shops in Hotels

The Peninsula Hong Kong

The Peninsula Hong Kong is a symbol of Hong Kong. It has a high class and elegant shopping center, selling a wide variety of products to meet customers’ needs. Many international brand shops, such as Chanel, are scattered on B/F and G/F, where the hotel lobby is located, in addition, cashmere sweaters, leather bags and leather shoes are made to order in some shops.

Shopping Center of Regent Hotel

The shopping center embraces many brand shops, such as Chanel, Carl, Louis Vuitton and Versus, selling a wide variety of commodities.

Sheraton Hong Kong and Towers

Pearls & Cashmere has five boutiques in Hong Kong. The cashmere suits made by its factory have various colors of slightly differences, fashionable, soft and lustrous.

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