Haikou / Famous Shops and Stores


In the sub-tropical zone, Haikou teems with tourism handicrafts, such as coconut shell carvings, shell carvings, pearls and crystals. Its local products, such as tropical fruit beverages, coconut food and cashew nuts, have been well received by domestic and foreign tourists.

Local Products and Handicrafts


Hainan Province is China’s main producer of coffee. Every year, when coffee beans are ripe, local people harvest them timely. Then they classify coffee beans according to their quality, dry them, add cream and white sugar to coffee beans, and bake or fry them at a low fire until they are ready. Hainan coffee has its own special taste.


Mango, known as the “King of Tropical Fruit,” is one of the main kinds of fruit in Hainan. Mango trees can be seen everywhere in Hainan Province.

Shell Carving

Shell carving is a handicraft carved with a smooth and bright shell. In recent years, various kinds of small shell carvings produced by the Haikou Coconut Shell Carving Factory have been well received by tourists.

Coral Potted Landscape

Corals are beautiful “flowers” in the sea. Artisans of Hainan Province create beautiful potted landscapes with corals to display picturesque scenery of nature.

Coconut Shell Carving

Made of hard coconut shells, coconut shell carvings produced in Hainan fall into over 20 varieties, including tin-, silver-, sandalwood- and shell-inlaid coconut shell carvings. The products have been sold to the countries in southeastern Asia, Europe and America, Hong Kong and Macau.


As one of the special products of Hainan Province, coconuts can be made into fine coconut mash, and coconut milk, candies and oil, in addition to coconut shell carvings. Coconut milk is good cool beverage.


Areca is one of the precious medicines produced in south China. Areca can help get rid of indigestion, kill parasites, pervert flow of Qi (vital energy) in the lung and stomach, and induce diuresis.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Hainan Lepusheng Ma
  • Articles of everyday use, Household electrical appliances, silver and gold ornaments,
    pearls, jewels
  • Haixiu Rd.
  • Tel:6723166
  • Hainan No. l Department Store
  • Knit goods, textiles, clocks, watches, glasses and handicrafts
  • Behind Wanghai Hotel Haixtu Rd.
  • Tel:6708674
  • Jingrun Pearl Haikou Exclusive-Sales Shop
  • Pearl products and inlaid ornaments
  • Facing Wanghai Tower, Haixru E. Rd.
  • Tel:6750129
  • Hainan DC Plaza
  • Articles for interior decoration, high-quality fashions for men and women
  • Haixiu Ave.
  • Tel:6785725
  • Xintiandi Warehouse Market
  • Leather clothes, stationary and sports goods
  • Nanhang W. Rd.
  • Tel:6719261
  • New World Shopping City
  • Watches, glasses, leather products, special Hainan products
  • Haixiu E. Rd.
  • Tel:6751328
  • Tailong Mall
  • Clothes, handicrafts, Cosmetics
  • Datong Rd.
  • Tel:6220180

Shopping Streets

  • Haixiu East Road Tourism Shopping Street
  • Articles of everyday use, tourism handicrafts
  • Haixiu E. Rd.
  • Dongmen Market
  • Seafood, dried seafood
  • Bo’ai Rd. in the old city district
  • Jiefang West Road
  • Clothes, shoes, hats, sports equipment
  • West Jiefang Rd.
  • White Dragon Fruit Wholesale Market
  • Tropical and sub-tropical fruit grown in Hainan
  • North White Dragon Rd

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