Changsha / Famous Shops and Stores


Since ancient times, Changsha has boasted advanced commerce and trade. In recent years many large commerce and trade groups with Friendship Store and Dongtang Department Store as the representatives have enjoyed a high reputation in China.

Its Hunan embroideries, and Liuyang fireworks and firecrackers have a time-honored history and enjoy a high reputation all over the world. Its chrysanthemums stone carvings and woven bamboo and palm products show strong local characteristics.

Famous Bazaars

Friendship Apollo Co. Ltd.

Hunan Friendship Apollo Co. Ltd. has 19 branches and six subsidiaries, and does business at retail and wholesale. Under the jurisdiction of the company, there are nine large shopping centers, each covering an area of over 10,000 sq m, such as Friendship Store, Apollo Commercial City, Friendship Commercial City, Apollo Commercial Square and New Friendship Store, etc.

Located on the northeastern corner of the Changsha Friendship Square, the Friendship Store has a business area of 18,000 sq m, and sells more than 50,000 varieties of medium and high-grade commodities, such as articles of everyday use, clothes and household electrical appliances.

Pinghetang Commercial Building

As a Sino-Japanese joint venture, and the only Sino-foreign commercial enterprise in Hunan Province, Pinghetang Commercial Building is a commercial and trade center up to the international level, integrating retails of commodities, restaurants, leisure, cultural recreation and offices.

Tongcheng General Merchandise Company

Tongcheng General Merchandise Company is a comprehensive commercial enterprise, owning super-markets, boutiques and convenient shops, selling commodities at retail and wholesale.

Nandamen Supermarket

Located in the central commercial zone, it mainly sells suger, wine, cigatettes, Chinese and western cakes. The cakes produced by Nandamen Supermarket are popular.

Big Dipper Commercial Building

Changsha Big Dipper Commercial Building is a multi-functional shopping center in the north of Changsha, with a business area of 12,000 sq m. It is featured by a wide variety of commodities, a good environment and transport facilities.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Friendship Store
  • 278 May 1st E. Rd.
  • Tel:4466824
  • Friendship Commercial City
  • 165 Labor Rd.
  • Tel:5501945
  • Famous Friendship Brand Goods Store
  • 69 Huangxing M. Rd.
  • Tel:4438403
  • New Friendship Store
  • 129 May 1st M. Rd.
  • Tel:4447157
  • Dongtang Department Store
  • 2 Labor W. Rd.
  • Tel:5524567
  • Xicheng Supermarket
  • 84 Fenglin Rd.
  • Tel:8856749
  • Tongcheng General Merchandise Company
  • 2 Labor Rd.
  • Tel:5524567
  • Apollo Commercial Square
  • 1 August 1 st W. Rd.
  • Tel:2285535
  • Apollo Commercial City
  • 69 Shaoshan N. Rd.
  • Tel:4466601
  • Pinghetang Commercial Building
  • On the southeastern corner of the May 1 st Square
  • Tel:2249563
  • Big Dipper Commercial Building
  • 1 Jinxia Rd., Kaifu District
  • Tel:4480022
  • Hunan Antique Shop
  • 113 May 1st M. Rd.
  • Tel:2244833
  • Hunan Embroidery Research Institute
  • North Railway Station Rd.
  • Tel:2291821

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