Taiwanese cuisine

To be pedantic, there are several cuisines in Taiwan. In addition to the following representative dishes from the Ho-lo ethnicity (see Taiwanese language), there are also aboriginal, Hakka, and local derivatives of Chinese cuisines (one famous example of the last is beef noodle soup = niurou mian = gu-bah mi).

Famous dishes in each of the main cities
Sun cake is the most noted food in Taichung.

There are pork foot, tann-ah noodle, shrimp cookie and so on.

Exemplar dishes
jiu-hi ken (youyu geng = 魷魚羹) – Soup with cuttlefish wrapped in fish paste.
o-ah-chian (kezaijian = 蚵仔煎) – Omelet made with tiny oysters.
o-ah mi-soan(kezai mianxian = 蚵仔麵線) – thin noodle with tiny oysters.
oh peng (yu bing = 芋仔冰) – a dessert made of frozen taro root paste.
ai-giok peng (aiyu bing = 愛玉冰) – a dessert made of some kind of jello or agar served on ice.
Boba nai cha – Boba milk tea.

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