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Yinchuan / Famous Shops and Stores


Ningxia produces various unique agricultural, side-line and livestock products, such as the fruit of Chinese wolf berry, Helan stone, Tan sheepskin, and flagelliform nostoc, commonly known as the red, yellow, blue, white and black treasures of Ningxia.

Local Products and Handicrafts

The Fruit of Chinese Wolfberry (Red Treasure)

The fruit of Chinese wolfberry is a precious traditional Chinese medicine, full of nutrition and of high medicinal value. 1t is a traditional export commodity brand of Ningxia.

The Licorice Root (Yellow Treasure)

The licorice root is a rare traditional Chinese medicine. The licorice roots produced in Ningxia are famous for their fresh taste and high quality. Xizheng-brand licorice roots, or Xizheng-brand grasses, are exported to many countries in the world.

Flagelliform Nostoc (Black Treasure)

Growing in the deserts and semi desert areas, flagelliform nostoc is high-grade food.

Tan Sheepskin (White Treasure)

The wool of Tan sheep is soft, light and puffy, with long and even fiber, suitable for making high-grade blankets, shawls and scarves. Jacquard blankets produced by Ningxia are well known in the world for their high quality and unique style.

Helan Stone (Blue Treasure)

Helan stones are discovered at the precipices in Helan Mountain with an elevation of about 2,600 m. With an even structure, the high-quality stones are ideal materials for making ink slabs.

Helan ink slabs are durable, and good at holding ink and protecting the brush. In Chinese history, Helan ink slabs were equally famous with Duan and She ink slabs.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Tourist Service Company
  • Local products, cigarettes, wine, non-staple articles for daily use
  • 14 Gulou E. St.
  • Tel:6025731
  • Tourism Products Industrial Company
  • Producing tourism handicrafts, souvenirs
  • 25 Beiman E. Rd.
  • Tel:6010234
  • Ningxia Commercial Building
  • Articles for daily use, gold & silver ornaments
  • 56 Jiefang W. St.
  • Tel:5022340
  • Gulou Plaza, Supply and Marketing Cooperative
  • Industrial products, food, gold & silver ornaments
  • 43 Jiefang E. St.
  • Tel:6025671
  • Ningxia Plaza, Xidan Plaza Group
  • Gold, pearls, jewels, ornaments
  • Gongyuan Iiekou, Jiefang W. St.
  • Tel:5045822
  • Ningxia Antique Shop
  • Antiques, tourism souvenirs
  • 60 Wenhua E. St.
  • Tel:6027357

Xian / Famous Shops and Stores


Xi’an is a famous tourism city in China and has been the largest commercial and trading center in northwestern China. It boasts a wide variety of tourism commodities, which are mainly divided into three categoriestraditional arts and crafts, folk handicrafts and replicas of cultural relics. They are imitations of products of the Qin Dynasty (221-206 B.C.), imitations of tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), and imitations of ancient bronze ware. In Xi’ an tourists can also find the rubbings of handwriting by famous ancient calligraphers of various dynasties, rubbings of eaves tiles, embroideries of the Qin Dynasty, artistic porcelain ware, lacquer ware, jade carvings, cloisonne, paper-cuts, leather silhouette, copies of the murals of the Tang Dynasty, and paintings by the farmers of Huxian County, featuring strong Chinese traditions and local characteristics.

Famous Bazaars

Minsheng Department Store

Minsheng Department Store has enjoyed a high reputation in northwestern China for its famous, excellent, new, special and comprehensive commodities.

Tangcheng Department Store

Located in the busy section of Dongda Street, Tangcheng Department Store began its business in 1984. It is a large state-owned mall and sells all kinds of commodities.

Van Arts and Crafts Industrial Company

It sells arts and crafts. The tri-colored glazed pottery of Tang Dynasty, and imitations of warriors and bronze chariots of Qin Dynasty show high work-manship. Its paintings by the farmers of Huxian County are also famous.

Wenbaozhai and Jingtailan (Cloisonne) Handicrafts Store

The former mainly sells the reproductions of warriors of the Qin Dynasty, eaves tiles of the Qin and Han dynasties, tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty, rubbings from tablet inscriptions, metals and stone carvings, seals and so on. Jingtailan Store mainly sells cloisonne arts and crafts and gold ornaments. Each store has a processing factory in the backyard so tourists can also pay a visit to the factory while buying commodities from the stores.

Century Golden Flower Shopping Center

It has two stories, with an area of over 30,000 sq m. It sells more than 100,000 varieties of commodities famous in China and the world. It introduced several dozen kinds of world top-brand commodities to Xi’ an for the first time. The shopping center has a special area selling famous-brand commodities made in China, Chinese and Western restaurants, a recreational area, a teahouse and a large supermarket.

Shopping Streets

Dongda Street

It is the most prosperous street crowded with specialized plazas and stores including the Tangcheng Building, Luomashi Garment Trading Market, Tanshi Street Vegetable and Non-staple Food Mall, Qianjin Shoes and Hats Store, Northwest Optical Store, Hengdeli Clock and Watch Store, and boutiques.

Jiefang Road

Jiefang Road, less than 2 km long, is one of the busiest Streets in Xi’an, with 500 commercial, service, catering and financial organs. The Minsheng Department Store and Jiefang Department Store sit on the Street.

The Wholesale Market on the Kangfu Road

It is the largest comprehensive wholesale market in northwestern China, radiating to 23 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in China. Merchants and small retailers purchase and sell medicinal herbs, leather products, garments, agricultural and side-line products, and sundry goods in the market.

Beiyuanmen Tourism Commodity Street

To the north of the Drum Down, the Street has over 50 stores selling tourism souvenirs, and is the largest tourism commodity Street in Xi’an.

Shuyuanmen “Ming and Qing Street”

Shuyuan Street is the Ming and Qing Street constructed according to the architecture styles of the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties. In the Street, there are row upon row of stores selling ancient books, pottery and porcelain, rubbings of ancient paintings, tablet inscriptions and calligraphy, the four treasures of the study, etc.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Minsheng Department Store
  • 103 Jiefang Rd.
  • Tel:7264876
  • Xi’an Department Store (a comprehensive plaza)
  • In the middle of Nanda St.
  • Tel:7215948
  • Kaiyuan Commercial Building (a comprehensive plaza)
  • 6 Jiefang Market, Dongda St.
  • Tel:7235382
  • Qiulin Company (a comprehensive plaza)
  • 58 Northern Section, Yanta Rd.
  • Tel:7854400
  • Northwest Optical Store
  • 454 Dongda St.
  • Tel:7217140
  • Weizhi Garment Market
  • 269 Dongda St.
  • Tel:8225250
  • Beidajie General Merchandise Plaza (comprehensive)
  • 2 Lianhu Rd.
  • Tel:7255778
  • Xiaozhai Commercial Building (comprehensive)
  • 38 Chang’an M. Rd.
  • Tel:5264063
  • Town God Temple Market (small commodities)
  • 235 Xida St.
  • Tel:7272333
  • Bell Tower Xinhua Bookstore
  • 377 Dongda St.
  • Tel:7216194
  • Phoenix Embroidery Factory (tourism commodities)
  • 33 Dong’er Rd.
  • Tel:7421473
  • lade and Stone Carving Factory (tourism commodities)
  • 93 Xiyi Rd.
  • Tel:7452570
  • Fine Arts Pottery and Porcelain Factory (tourism commodity)
  • 5 Dianchang E. Rd.
  • Tel:3519942
  • Tangcheng Department Store
  • 359 Dongda St.
  • Tel:7215906
  • Xi’an Arts and Crafts Industial Company
  • Bell and Drum Tower Square
  • Tel:7212166
  • Wenbaozhai
  • 5 Middle Section of Goose Pagoda Rd.
  • Tel:5512020
  • Century Golden Flower Shopping Center
  • Nanxin St.
  • Tel:5532389

Shops in Hotels

  • Chang’an Grand Plaza Castle Hotel
  • Tourism souvenirs, Shop Food, cigarettes,wine, souvenirs
  • 12 W. Sectio of, Huancheng S. Rd.
  • Tel:7231800
  • Hyatt Regency
  • Juyazhai
  • General merchandise for daily use
  • 158 Dongda St.
  • Tel:7231234
  • YizhenHall Precious jade objects
  • Jinxiu Beautiful silk, embroideries Pavilion
  • Golden Flower Hotel
  • Gift Shop
  • Shaanxi special handicrafts
  • 8 Changle W. Rd.
  • Tel:3232981
  • Sheraton Hotel
  • Store
  • Handicrafts, porcelain ware, ancient carvings western suburbs
  • 12 Fenggao Rd.,
  • Tel:4261888
  • Tanghua Hotel
  • Xi’an Store Tea sets, the four treasures of the study, handicrafts, garments,traditional
    hand-made articles
  • 4 Yanyin Rd.
  • Tel:5261111
  • Jianguo Hotel
  • Store
  • Souvenirs, handicrafts, Garments, silk carpets
  • 20 Jinhua S. Rd.
  • Tel:3238888
  • Xi’an Hotel
  • Shopping Center
  • Tourism souvenirs, food
  • 36 N. section of Chang’an Rd.
  • Tel:5261351

Kunming / Famous Shops and Stores


Yunnan is located on the southwestern border area of China. Kunming is the capital of Yunnan. Yunnan leads China in the number of ethnic minorities, the population of minority people making up one third of the province’s total. It is a famous historical and cultural city, known for its beautiful scenery, many scenic spots and historical sites, and a pleasant climate all the year round. The ’99 International Horticulture Exposition was held in Kunming – a developing international tourism city. Tourists find pleasure to buy cigarettes, jewelry, delicacies from land, medicinal herbs and arts and crafts in Kunming.

Local Products and Handicrafts

Jianshui Purple Pottery Arts and Crafts

Made with pottery clay in red, yellow, green, purple and white, they are produced with traditional techniques and through various procedures, such as painting, carving, firing and polishing.


“Tongpa” refers to the satchel. The Dai, Yi, Hani, Jingpo, Wa, Lisu and De’ang people produce and use it. Most of them are made of cotton fabrics, decorated with woven patterns, embroideries, cross-stitch works and applique. It has a wide variety of patterns.

Dali Bandhnu

It is also known as plangi or tied colorful cloth and is mainly produced in Zhouchen in Dali, Dacang and Miaojie in Weishan. With pure white cottoncloth or white cotton-hemp cloth as the raw materials, and indigo as dyestuff, bandhnu is produced after many working procedures. The patterns on Dali bandhnu are commonly seen plants and animals, white patterns on a blue background.

Tengchong Jade Objects

Tengchong jade objects are the renowned traditional handicrafts of Yunnan with a long history.

There are a wide variety of jade products, such as bracelets, hairpins and brooches. They are sold to the countries in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Macau.

Gejiu Tin Handicrafts

With pure tin as raw materials, Gejiu tin handicrafts are produced through many special working procedures, such as smelting, pressing, cutting, cleaning, welding, polishing, decoration and carving. The tin handicrafts are acid-proof, alkali-resisting, and nonpoisonous, without smell. They will not become rusty. There are many kinds of tin products, including containers for daily life, such as drinking vessels and tea jars, and artistic objects, such as Buddhist statues, white cranes and cups as a prize.

Dai Brocade

Dai brocade, which shows an ancient textile technique, is known for its high-quality weaving technique, unique patterns, beautiful colors, and a strong ethnic style. Sturdy and durable, Dai brocades have various kinds of patterns, such as rare birds and animals, the five cereals (rice, two kinds of millets, wheat and beans) and flowers. Each pattern with different colors has its own concrete contents. For instance, the skirts in red and green colors are to commemorate the ancestors of the Dai people; the peacock pattern stands for auspiciousness; and the elephant pattern symbolizes a bumper harvest of all food crops.

Bornite Handicrafts

There are two kinds of bornite articles-raw and wrought bornite products. Raw bornite products are processed with natural bornite ores. As bornite ores are rare, there are few raw bornite products. Wrought bornite products are made through unique smelting and casting, with a wide variety of products, such as rare birds, strange beasts, flowers, mountains and rivers. The others draw materials from fairy tales and legends, such as immortal mountains, jade pavilions, historical figures, each glowing with radiating vigor.

Wax Printing

Thanks to the constant development and innovation by the ethnic minorities inYunnan Province in the past years, wax printing of Yunnan has become handicrafts, showing the unique ethnic style and local characteristics. Wax-printed cloth has various kinds of patterns, such as animals, flowers, birds, scenic spots and historical sites. The way to make wax-printed cloth is very simple: Use a special wax knife to put melted wax onto a piece of cloth, and dye it. Then boil water to get rid of the wax from the cloth. A beautiful pattern will appear right away.

Marble Stone Articles

There are over 200 kinds of marble stone articles, such as the four treasures of the study, flower vases, flowerpots, pagodas, lamps and lanterns.

Yunnan Baiyao (White Medicinal Powder)

Yunnan Baiyao was developed by Qu Huanzhang, a folk doctor from Kunming. At the beginning, it was called “Baibaodan”; and later was renamed as Yunnan Baiyao. Since the birth of Yunnan Baiyao, it has been well known for treating hemorrhage, wounds and bruises, stopping bleeding, and invigorating the circulation of blood. It has been sold well both at home and abroad, and is named as the sacred medicine for treating wounds.

Xuanwei Ham

Xuanwei is one of the major producers of ham in China. In 1915 at the Panama World Expo., Xuanwei ham won a gold medal. It is the famousbrand product of Yunnan taking the lead in entering the international market. In the shape of a pipa (a plucked string musical instrument with a fretted fingerboard), Xuanwei ham has yellow or light red skin, and red, peach red or rose color meat. Refreshing and tasty, Xuanwei ham has been well received at the market.

Chinese Caterpillar Fungus

The Chinese caterpillar fungus, which is parasitic fungus on bat moths, is a famous tonic. The Chinese caterpillar fungus mainly grows in the areas with a high elevation, such as Diqing and the Nujiang River.

The Tuber of Elevated Gastrodia

Yunnan Province is one of the main producers of the tuber of elevated gastrodia in China. The high-quality and solid tuber of elevated gastrodia grows mainly in the counties of Zhaotong Prefecture.

Dengchuan Milk Fan

The Dengchuan milk fan, a milk product in the shape of a fan, is produced in Dengchuan in milky white or milky yellow color. The Bai people often entertain their guests with a dish prepared with Dengchuan milk fans. The milk fan can be eaten raw, or fried with oil, and may be carried about during a long trip.

Jinggu Ivory Mango

The Jinggu ivory mango was first introduced from Thailand in 1914. The very Mango tree imported from Thailand still grows luxuriantly today. Its highest annual output reached nearly 500 km. The mango is large, in an oval shape, like a young elephant task. With thin skin and much pulp, the mango is fragrant and sweet; and 82 percent of the fruit can be eaten. Hence the name the “king of fruit.”

Puer Tea

Puer tea is large-leave tea produced in Yunnan, with 12 varieties of five categories. As a good drink in daily life, Puer tea can also help diminish inflammation, digest food, improve the stomach, whet the appetite, and reduce cholesterol. Hence it is known as skin beautifying tea or weight losing tea in many countries.

Yunnan Tuo Tea

Yunnan Tuo Tea, originally known as Xiaguan Too Tea, is produced in Xiaguan, Dali Prefecture. With a history of 500-600 years, Tuo tea is made of high-quality Qingmao tea, featuring clear water, strong fragrance and a sweet taste. Tuo tea can help reduce fat, hence the name “weight losing tea.” It has been sold well in France, Germany and Spain.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Kunming Department Store
  • Jinri Park
  • Tel:(0871)3613434
  • Southwest Commercial Building
  • 18 Renmin M. Rd.
  • Tel:(0871)3184266
  • Jinlong Department Store
  • TCM, Baita Rd.
  • Tel:(0871)3103136
  • Yinghua Shopping Center
  • Middle of Dongfeng E. Rd.
  • Tel:(0871)3140429
  • Zhengyi Merchandise Market
  • 95 Zhengyi Rd.
  • Tel:(0871)3611800
  • Baihui Commercial Square
  • In the west of Dongfeng W. Rd.
  • Tel:(0871)5354152
  • Jinhua Plaza
  • In the south of Beijing Rd.
  • Tel:(0871)3531723
  • Panlong Department Store
  • North Bus Terminal
  • Tel:(0871)5140758
  • Honglian Department Store
  • Renmin W. Rd.
  • Tel:(0871)5380770
  • Banna Plaza
  • 3 Minzu N. Rd.
  • Tel:(0691)2122270
  • Jinghong Department Store
  • Linghong W. Rd.
  • Tel:(0691) 2123129
  • Lijiang No. l Department Store
  • Xinda St., Lijiang
  • Tel:(0888)5123206
  • Lijiang No.2 Department Store
  • Xinda St., Lijiang
  • Tel:(0888)5123149
  • Arts & Crafts Department
  • Youth Rd., Lijiang
  • Tel:(0888)3162200

Shopping Streets

  • Qicai Yunnan
  • large tourism shopping plaza
  • 12 km from Shi’an Rd.
  • Flower and Bird Market
  • flowers and birds market
  • Shengli Hall, Yongdao St.
  • Flower Market
  • medium-sized flower retail market
  • Middle section of Shangyi St.
  • Ethnic Handicrafts Market
  • ethnic handicrafts stores
  • In the middle of Cuihu S. Rd.
  • Medicinal Herbs Market
  • Chinese herbal medicinal market
  • Juhua Village, Dongjiao Rd.

Haikou / Famous Shops and Stores


In the sub-tropical zone, Haikou teems with tourism handicrafts, such as coconut shell carvings, shell carvings, pearls and crystals. Its local products, such as tropical fruit beverages, coconut food and cashew nuts, have been well received by domestic and foreign tourists.

Local Products and Handicrafts


Hainan Province is China’s main producer of coffee. Every year, when coffee beans are ripe, local people harvest them timely. Then they classify coffee beans according to their quality, dry them, add cream and white sugar to coffee beans, and bake or fry them at a low fire until they are ready. Hainan coffee has its own special taste.


Mango, known as the “King of Tropical Fruit,” is one of the main kinds of fruit in Hainan. Mango trees can be seen everywhere in Hainan Province.

Shell Carving

Shell carving is a handicraft carved with a smooth and bright shell. In recent years, various kinds of small shell carvings produced by the Haikou Coconut Shell Carving Factory have been well received by tourists.

Coral Potted Landscape

Corals are beautiful “flowers” in the sea. Artisans of Hainan Province create beautiful potted landscapes with corals to display picturesque scenery of nature.

Coconut Shell Carving

Made of hard coconut shells, coconut shell carvings produced in Hainan fall into over 20 varieties, including tin-, silver-, sandalwood- and shell-inlaid coconut shell carvings. The products have been sold to the countries in southeastern Asia, Europe and America, Hong Kong and Macau.


As one of the special products of Hainan Province, coconuts can be made into fine coconut mash, and coconut milk, candies and oil, in addition to coconut shell carvings. Coconut milk is good cool beverage.


Areca is one of the precious medicines produced in south China. Areca can help get rid of indigestion, kill parasites, pervert flow of Qi (vital energy) in the lung and stomach, and induce diuresis.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Hainan Lepusheng Ma
  • Articles of everyday use, Household electrical appliances, silver and gold ornaments,
    pearls, jewels
  • Haixiu Rd.
  • Tel:6723166
  • Hainan No. l Department Store
  • Knit goods, textiles, clocks, watches, glasses and handicrafts
  • Behind Wanghai Hotel Haixtu Rd.
  • Tel:6708674
  • Jingrun Pearl Haikou Exclusive-Sales Shop
  • Pearl products and inlaid ornaments
  • Facing Wanghai Tower, Haixru E. Rd.
  • Tel:6750129
  • Hainan DC Plaza
  • Articles for interior decoration, high-quality fashions for men and women
  • Haixiu Ave.
  • Tel:6785725
  • Xintiandi Warehouse Market
  • Leather clothes, stationary and sports goods
  • Nanhang W. Rd.
  • Tel:6719261
  • New World Shopping City
  • Watches, glasses, leather products, special Hainan products
  • Haixiu E. Rd.
  • Tel:6751328
  • Tailong Mall
  • Clothes, handicrafts, Cosmetics
  • Datong Rd.
  • Tel:6220180

Shopping Streets

  • Haixiu East Road Tourism Shopping Street
  • Articles of everyday use, tourism handicrafts
  • Haixiu E. Rd.
  • Dongmen Market
  • Seafood, dried seafood
  • Bo’ai Rd. in the old city district
  • Jiefang West Road
  • Clothes, shoes, hats, sports equipment
  • West Jiefang Rd.
  • White Dragon Fruit Wholesale Market
  • Tropical and sub-tropical fruit grown in Hainan
  • North White Dragon Rd

Shenyang / Famous Bazaars


Shenyang is the largest commercial city in northeast China and boasts many large trade mansions and shopping centers. Of them Trade Mansion, Wu’ai Market and others have become regional shopping centers and bazaars. The products from others parts of the country and foreign countries are available in Shenyang.

Famous Bazaars

East Asia Trade Square

The largest trade building in China, it is a modern garden-like trade mansion for shopping, amusement and food. It occupies an area of 430,000 square meters and has a floor space of 197,000 square meters. It has a 2,400square-meter glass-covered hall, 41 escalators and 30 shopping points of different styles. It sells more than 200,000 kinds of famous products of 22 categories.

Zhongjie Shopping Center

This center is the largest commercial enterprise group in northeast China. It has eight floors including two underground. The center is fitted with a modern design – magnificent and elegant. It sells 100,000 kinds of famous products and is an ideal place for shopping and relaxation.

Shenyang Tianyitang Pharmacy

First established in the fourth year of the reign of Qing Emperor Daoguang, it has a history of more than 170 years. Traditionally, it deals traditional Chinese medicines and precious Chinese medicinal herbs. All kinds of medical pills and liquors are available including natural ox gallstone.

China Furniture City

China’s largest furniture and decorative materials market, it occupies an area of 20,000 square meters and boasts some 5,000 stands. It sells 10,000 kinds of goods in 50 categories including office facilities and furniture for bedroom, sitting room and study rooms of modern and classical styles made in China, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

China Korea Department Store

The largest state-owned national enterprise in northeast China, it deals exquisite goods from South Korea. It has a good reputation in the city.

Clothing City in Wu’ai Bazaar

This city is the largest of its kind in north China and handles wholesales and retails of clothes. It has a business floor space of 107,000 square meters and 4,900 stands selling medium-grade clothes and 780 exquisite goods counters.

Shenyang Zhongxing Trade Mansion

This mansion has an elegant and unique decoration and combines shopping with food, lodging and tourism. It sells some 10,000 kinds of commodities.

Shopping Streets

Taiyuan Street

Many trade mansions and shopping centers seat here, including Shenyang Zhongxing Trade Mansion, Heping Mall, Shenyang Integrated Co., Qiulin Co., Shenyang Fine Arts Services, Shenyang Science and Technology Bookstore and Foreign Language Bookstore.

Zhongjie Street

This street has a long history. This 1,000-meter-long street boasts some 100 shops, restaurants and cultural recreational centers. It is a street for shopping, relaxation, and sightseeing.

Changsha / Famous Shops and Stores


Since ancient times, Changsha has boasted advanced commerce and trade. In recent years many large commerce and trade groups with Friendship Store and Dongtang Department Store as the representatives have enjoyed a high reputation in China.

Its Hunan embroideries, and Liuyang fireworks and firecrackers have a time-honored history and enjoy a high reputation all over the world. Its chrysanthemums stone carvings and woven bamboo and palm products show strong local characteristics.

Famous Bazaars

Friendship Apollo Co. Ltd.

Hunan Friendship Apollo Co. Ltd. has 19 branches and six subsidiaries, and does business at retail and wholesale. Under the jurisdiction of the company, there are nine large shopping centers, each covering an area of over 10,000 sq m, such as Friendship Store, Apollo Commercial City, Friendship Commercial City, Apollo Commercial Square and New Friendship Store, etc.

Located on the northeastern corner of the Changsha Friendship Square, the Friendship Store has a business area of 18,000 sq m, and sells more than 50,000 varieties of medium and high-grade commodities, such as articles of everyday use, clothes and household electrical appliances.

Pinghetang Commercial Building

As a Sino-Japanese joint venture, and the only Sino-foreign commercial enterprise in Hunan Province, Pinghetang Commercial Building is a commercial and trade center up to the international level, integrating retails of commodities, restaurants, leisure, cultural recreation and offices.

Tongcheng General Merchandise Company

Tongcheng General Merchandise Company is a comprehensive commercial enterprise, owning super-markets, boutiques and convenient shops, selling commodities at retail and wholesale.

Nandamen Supermarket

Located in the central commercial zone, it mainly sells suger, wine, cigatettes, Chinese and western cakes. The cakes produced by Nandamen Supermarket are popular.

Big Dipper Commercial Building

Changsha Big Dipper Commercial Building is a multi-functional shopping center in the north of Changsha, with a business area of 12,000 sq m. It is featured by a wide variety of commodities, a good environment and transport facilities.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Friendship Store
  • 278 May 1st E. Rd.
  • Tel:4466824
  • Friendship Commercial City
  • 165 Labor Rd.
  • Tel:5501945
  • Famous Friendship Brand Goods Store
  • 69 Huangxing M. Rd.
  • Tel:4438403
  • New Friendship Store
  • 129 May 1st M. Rd.
  • Tel:4447157
  • Dongtang Department Store
  • 2 Labor W. Rd.
  • Tel:5524567
  • Xicheng Supermarket
  • 84 Fenglin Rd.
  • Tel:8856749
  • Tongcheng General Merchandise Company
  • 2 Labor Rd.
  • Tel:5524567
  • Apollo Commercial Square
  • 1 August 1 st W. Rd.
  • Tel:2285535
  • Apollo Commercial City
  • 69 Shaoshan N. Rd.
  • Tel:4466601
  • Pinghetang Commercial Building
  • On the southeastern corner of the May 1 st Square
  • Tel:2249563
  • Big Dipper Commercial Building
  • 1 Jinxia Rd., Kaifu District
  • Tel:4480022
  • Hunan Antique Shop
  • 113 May 1st M. Rd.
  • Tel:2244833
  • Hunan Embroidery Research Institute
  • North Railway Station Rd.
  • Tel:2291821

Beijing / Famous Shops and Stores


Beijing is a civilized ancient city with a long history and a developed trade. As early as in the Yuan Dynasty 1 1206-1368), Beijing was a famous commercial city in the world. During the Qing Dynasty, the market in Beijing was brisk. Today shops in Beijing are in a great number, scattered in every corner and goods are sophisticated. Goods on Beijing market are brand, special and new products from various parts of the country.

Today, Beijing has 10 famous shopping streets including the Wangfujing, Dongdanbei, Longfusi, Xidanbei, Qianmen and Xiushui streets, and Liulichang Cultural Street. These streets boast modern malls and boutiques or special articles shops and provide various kinds of services.

The goods tourists to Beijing prefer to buy are unique handicrafts and cultural relics full of Beijing flavor, such as cloisonne, jade ware, bronzes and stone tablets with inscriptions, writing brushes, ink sticks, paper and ink slabs, antiques, paintings, calligraphic works and handicrafts including dough figurines, facial masks and kites unique to Beijing.

Famous Bazaars

New Dong’an Bazaar

New Dong’an Bazaar on Wangfujing Street is the earliest and the most famous one in Beijing, with a floor space of 220,000 square meters. Rebuilt into a joint venture, the market is the first-ranking trade mansion for multi-functions of daily used articles, retail sales, cinema, amusement, food and office. The market occupies an area of 22,000 square meters.

Department Store

Located on the Wangfujing Street, it was built in 1955, occupying a floor space of 16,000 square meters. It deals a great variety of goods and becomes the top shopping destination for tourists from home and abroad.

Ruifuxiang Silk and Cotton Fabrics Shop

The shop was opened in the first year of the reign of the Qing Emperor Tongzhi and has a history of more than 120 years. It has branches in Beijing and Tianjin. The shop handles 10,000 kinds of silk, woolen and cotton textiles.

Yuanlong Embroidery & Silk Fabrics Trading Inc.

This trading company handles the Gu embroidery and silk fabrics.

Arts and Crafts World Mansion

Beijing Arts and Crafts World Mansion is China’s largest of its kind. Its business scope: gold and silver jewehy,jade, stone and wood carvings, cloisonne, lacquerware, pottery or porcelain lamps, silk fabrics, wax printings, glassware, bamboo and straw woven articles, writing brush, ink sticks, paper and ink slabs, paintings, calligraphic works and seals.

Friendship Store

The store provides services mainly for foreign visitors. It handles silk fabrics, gold and silver jewelry, jade, carved ivory goods, embroidery and cloisonne. Also it has a cafe room, a flower and pot plant section, a tailor’s shop, a clock and watch repair shop and a shipment consigning and collection section for providing such services as packing, shipping, mail orders, customs declaration and appreciating cultural relics.

Beijing Antique City

This city is the largest antique exchange center in Asia and handles more than 1,000 kinds of antiques including paintings, calligraphic works, jewelry and jade goods. It has sponsored regular exhibitions and auctions.

Cultural Relics Shop

It has 11 selling stores including Baoshizhai, Yunguzhai, Yueyatang and Qingyuntang studios. It deals pottery and porcelain from different historical periods, gold and silver jewelry, ancient coins, bamboo, wood and ivory carvings, hard wood furniture, paintings and calligraphic works, rubbings from stone inscriptions and seals. Yueyatang Studio sells ancient arts and crafts.

Rongbaozhai Studio

Rongbaozhai Studio has a history of more than 200 years. It deals paintings, calligraphic works, carvings and seals by famous figures, especially the watercolor block prints. Today it has preserved a dozen of valuable works including a Tianhuang seal and a piece of Tianhuang stone weighing 4,275 grams, the heaviest of its kind in the world.

Shopping Streets

Wangfujing Street

As the most famous shopping center in Beijing, it boasts many reputed shops such as New Dong’an Bazaar, Department Store, Arts and Crafts Mansion, China Photo Studio, Foreign Language Bookstore, Shengxifu Hat Store, Darning Optical Shop, Swiss Watch Repair Center, Green House Store, Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant and Vegetarian Restaurant.

Dongdan North Street (Silver Street)

The clothing stores on this street include Sanyou Mall, Huabiao Market, Baitu Fashion, Fengda Knitwear Store, Qini Clothing for Pregnant Women. Also it boasts wedding photo studios such as Weiwei Bride, Paris, Venus. The restaurants on the street offer dishes of various styles, including Xingyuelou Restaurant, Hunan Restaurant, Sichuan Restaurant and Inner Mongolia Restaurant.

Xidan North Street

This street has old and new shops. The famous ones include Xidan Shopping Center, Xidan Bazaar, Chung-Yo Department Store, Huanan Mansion, Paris Photo Studio, Weiwei Bride Wedding Dress Photo Studio and Capital Bookstore.

Qianmen Shopping Street

This is an ancient shopping street outside Qianmen Gate. It is sided by shops and restaurants. Especially the Dashilar Tourist and Pedestrian Street has many old shops such as Tongrentang Pharmacy, Neiliansheng Shoe Shop, Ruifuxiang Silk and Cotton Fabrics Shop, Quanyechang, Zhang Yiyuan Tea Store and Majuyuan Hat Store.

Chongwenmenwai Street

It is flanked by some big shops and markets such as Jinlun Mansion and New World malls, Hongqiao and Ciqikou markets selling farm produce and aquatic products, and Heavenly Temple Market selling flowers and pot plants.

Liulichang Cultural Street

It is lined by shops including Rongbaozhai Studio, Cultural Relics Shop, Yanjing Calligraphic Work and Painting Studio, Zhenyun Building for selling jewelry, Yide Building for selling ink sticks and red ink paste used for seals, Four Treasures of the Study for selling writing brushes, Jigu Building for duplicating cultural relics and Cuiwen Building for selling seals.

Longfu Shopping Street

A pedestrian shopping street, the shops in the section to the west of Longfu Trade Building mainly sell clothes and those in the section to the east of Longfu Trade Building are most snack eateries.

Xiushui Street

Xiushui Street is one of the famous clothing markets in Beijing. It attracts domestic and foreign tourists with varied styles, colors and materials as well as a cheap price.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Department Store (comprehensive)
  • 255 Wangfujing St.
  • Tel 65126677
  • New Dong’an Bazaar
  • Wangfujing St.
  • Tel:Tel 65280186
  • Xidan Bazaar (comprehensive)
  • 120 Xidan N. St.
  • Tel:66022406
  • Beijing Book Center
  • West Chang’an Boulevard
  • Tel:66078477
  • Friendship Store (comprehensive)
  • 17 Jianguomenwai Ave.
  • Tel:65003311
  • Longfu Trade Building (comprehensive)
  • 95 Longfusi St.
  • Tel:84016688
  • Qianmen Trade Mansion (comprehensive)
  • 20 Qianmen E. St.
  • Tel:65113258
  • CVIK Shopping Center (high-grade)
  • 22 Jianguomenwai St.
  • Tel:65124488
  • Blue Islet Mansion (general)
  • Dongdaqiao
  • Tel:65025174
  • Hongdu Fashion Co.
  • 28 Dongiiaominxiang
  • Tel:65136644
  • Beichen Shopping Center (comprehensive)
  • Asian Game Village
  • Tel:64993263
  • Guiyou Bazaar (general)
  • Yong’anli, Jianguomenwai
  • Tel:65011177
  • Henderson Center
  • 18 Jianguomennei Ave.
  • Tel:65183260
  • Beijing Tourist Trade City
  • Zhuanjiaolou, Hepingli
  • Tel:64216431
  • Ruifuxiang Silk and Cotton Fabrics Shop
  • 5 Dashilar, Qianmenwai
  • Tel:63032880
  • Tongrentang Pharmacy
  • 24 Dashilar, Qianmenwai
  • Tel:63014883
  • Yuanlong Embroidery & Silk Fabrics Trading Inc.
  • 15 Yongnei E. St.
  • Tel:67012854
  • Arts and Crafts World Mansion
  • 200 Wangfujing St.
  • Tel:65288866
  • Rongbaozhai Studio
  • 19 Liulichang W. St.
  • Tel:63012177
  • Beijing Antique City
  • 21 E.Third Ring S. Rd.
  • Tel:67747711
  • Cultural Relics Shop
  • 64 Liulichang E. St.
  • Tel:63017433
  • Zhongqiao Duty Free Shop
  • Fangihuang Residential Area
  • Tel:67630618
  • Jinlun Mansion (comprehensive)
  • 40 Chongwenmen St.
  • Tel:67013497
  • Beijing-Lufthansa Friendship Shopping City
  • 52 Liangmaqiao Rd.
  • Tel:64651188
  • Neiliansheng Shoe Shop (traditional style)
  • 34 Qianmenwai St.
  • Tel:63013038
  • Darning Optical Shop
  • Wangfujing St.
  • Tel:65252072
  • China Crafts Shop (handicrafts)
  • Badaling Section of the Great Wall
  • Tel:69121027
  • Wanquantang Pharmacy
  • 35 Chongwenmenwai Ave.
  • Tel:67012479
  • Foreign Language Bookstore
  • Wangfujing St.
  • Tel:65126929
  • Beijing Shinei Duty Free Shop
  • East Third Ring S. Rd.
  • Tel:67736081
  • Hengdeli Clock and Watch Shop (Psi)
  • 271 Wangfujing St.
  • Tel:65253490
  • Chongwenmen Vegetable Market
  • Chongwenmen
  • Tel: 67003881

Shops in Hotels

  • Shop in the Great Wall Sheraton Hotel – It deals Chinese traditional handicrafts such as cloisonne, gold, silver and jade jewelry,
    silk clothing and embroidered clothing.
  • Add: East Third Ring N. Rd.
  • Tel: (010) 65905566 ext. 2324
  • Commercial Center of Xiyuan Hotel
    This center is situated to the east of the hotel lobby and sells necessities to the
    Chinese and foreign guests who stay with the hotel.
  • Add: 1 Sanlihe Rd.
  • Tel: (010) 68313388 est. 10142
  • Shopping Center of Yanjing Hotel -
    This center deals famous Chinese and foreign cigarettes, wines and drinks and silk
  • Add: 19, Fuxingmenwai St.
  • Tel: (010) 68536688 ext. 16302
  • Shop in Jianguo Hotel
    This shop sells handicrafts, films, postcards and silk fabrics and other goods to the
    guests of the hotel.
  • Add: 1/F, Jianguo Hotel, Jianguomenwai Ave.
  • Tel: (010) 65002233 ext. 2158
  • Bazaar in New Otani Changfugong Hotel – It deals lacquerware, tapestries, carpets, figures made of silk fabrics and other
    handicrafts and seal-engraving for guests.
  • Add: 26 Jianguomenwai Ave.
  • Tel: (010) 65125555 ext. 1167
  • Shop in Minzu Hotel -
    The shop is situated in the east side of the hotel lobby and deals general merchandise and
    sells gifts to the guests of the hotel.
  • Add: 51 Fuxingmennei Ave.
  • Tel: (010) 66014466 ext. 1829
  • Shop in Qianmen Hotel -
    The shop is on the both sides of Liyuan Theater and meets shopping demands of the audience
    coming to enjoy Peking Opera.
  • Add: 175 Yong’an Rd.
  • Tcl: (010) 63016688 est. 8853
  • Shop of Xinqiao Hotel -
    This shop deals mainly Hangzhou reversible embroidery, tapestries, embroidered pieces and
    ceramics from Jingdezhen.
  • Add: 2 Dongjiaominxiang
  • Tel: (010) 65133366 ext. 1116
  • Mingmenfang of Jinglun Hotel -
    On the first floor of the hotel, this shop deals jewelry, silk fabrics and others.
  • Add: 3 Jianguomenwai Ave.
  • Tel: (010) 65002266 ext. 8189
  • Shopping Center in Beijing Hotel -

    This center is on the first floor of the hotel and deals folk handicrafts, paintings,
    calligraphic works, jewels and daily necessities.

  • Add: 33 E. Chang’an Boulevard
  • Tel: (010) 65137755 ext. 257

Urumqi / Famous Shops and Stores


Located in nrthwest China, Xinjiang is the largest of all the provinces and autonomous regions in China. Of its total population, the Uygur people make up 50 percent. Urumqi is the capital of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Along the Silk Road in Xinjiang, there are many ancient cities and historical sites.

The Tianshan-brand cattle hair and cashmere sweaters, Xigema-brand space-cotton shirts, and various kinds of hand-knitted sweaters have had a ready market throughout the country. Urumqi is also known for its high-quality musical instruments. Urumqi teems with fruit and melons, and its preserved fruit and melons enjoy a high reputation. Xinjiang is also a producer of high-quality medicinal tonics, such as snow lotus flowers, safflowers, and the fruit of Chinese wolf berry. In recent years, Xinjiang has opened wider to the outside world. Now tourists can find large shopping centers everywhere in Urumqi.

Local Products and Handicrafts

Cashmere Sweaters

The “TSE” cashmere products produced by the Tianshan Wool Textile Co. Ltd. have become a world-famous brand. The company is established by China, Japan and Hong Kong.


Carpets produced in Xinjiang enjoy a great reputation in and aboard. They show distinctive ethnic characteristics and a strong local style. The patterns of its carpets are unique at the international market.

Jade Carvings

Xinjiang produces jade flower vases, birds, beasts, flowers, figures, imitations of ancient vessels, jewelry and ornaments with the world-renowned Hotan white jade, Manasi green stone and Hami yellow jade materials. Its jade products have been sold well in Europe, the United States, Japan, the countries in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Macau.

Hami Melons

Hami melons are grown in the Tarim, Junggar and Turpan basins, and Harm Prefecture. Harm melons are sweet, tasty and full of nutrition. According to a research, Hami melon contains a great amount of vitamins, four to seven times of those in watermelons, six times of those in apples, and 1.3 times of those in apricots.


Situated deep in the heart of the Eurasian Continent, Xinjiang has a dry climate, with sharp difference in temperature between day and night, and abundant sunshine, suitable for the growth of watermelons. Watermelons of Xinjiang are large and sweet, and are divided into winter and summer watermelons.

Fragrant Pears

Mainly produced in Korla, Aksu, Kashi, Hotan and Turpan, fragrant pears are tasty, refreshing and sweet, with thin skin.


Apricots are tasty, juicy and full of nutrition. The pulp of apricots contains anti-cancer Vitamin B17. Bitter apricot kernels can help stop coughing, and moisten intestines.


There are male and female fig trees. As its flowers are hidden in the receptacle, people can only see the fruit. Hence people call it the fruit without flowers. Figs produced in Xinjiang are not subject to plant diseases and insect pests, so that no pesticides are needed. As natural fruit, figs are well received by both Chinese and foreign tourists.


Walnuts produced in Xinjiang are large in size, with a thin shell and much nutrition. The fine-quality walnuts include Zipi, Loren and Genian walnuts.


Pomegranates are mainly produced in Hotan Prefecture, with thin skin and beautiful colors. They are easy to be stored. With various vitamins, pomegranates are regarded as good fruit by the people.

Seedless White Grapes

Seedless white grapes produced in Xinjiang, in the elliptic shape, are crystal-clear, crisp and juicy, with thin skin. Fresh grapes contain more than 24 percent of sugar; and raisins contain 75 to 80 percent of sugar. Seedless white grapes are not subject to plant diseases and insect pests, so farmers do not need to spray pesticides on them. Both fresh and dried grapes are natural green fruit well received by customers.

Shopping Streets

Zhongshan Road Shopping Area

The Hongqi Road Free Market, which mainly consists of privately owned stores, and the underground shopping street are crowded with customers from morning to night everyday, and sell a wide variety of commodities. Dashizi Commercial Building, Xinjiang Department Store, Hongqi Road Plaza, Xinjiang Candy, Wine and Food Building, Hengdeli Clock and Watch Shop and Ningdetang Drugstore do good business. Hundred Flower Village Co. Ltd. had a tall building rebuilt on its old site, with more than 10 stories. The completion of Tianshan Plaza and Tianshan Department Store has added splendor to the old shopping street.

Friendship Shopping Street

It is a bustling shopping street, which has grown up among market competitions. The Street is lined by many shops and plazas, including the famous Hongshan Plaza, Friendly Plaza, Huadu Shopping Center, Modern Plaza and many new stores, such as garment stores, shops for selling bedding, wedding gift shop, and many other bew shops with special features.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Dashizi Commercial Building
  • 37 Jicfang N. Rd.
  • Tel:2837036
  • Xinbai Building
  • 103 Zhongshan Rd.
  • Tel:2830529
  • Dashizi Candy and Wine Commercial Building
  • Jiefang N. Rd.
  • Tel:2840608
  • Urumqi Trade Center
  • Zhongshan Rd.
  • Tel:2819762
  • Zhongahanlu Trade Building
  • Zhongshan Rd.
  • Tel:2300262
  • Underground Shopping Street
  • Hongqi Rd.
  • Tel:2815740
  • Tianshan Department Store
  • 18 Zhongshan Rd.
  • Tel:2322222
  • Tianshan Plaza
  • Jiefang N. Rd.
  • Tel:2318261
  • Baihua Village Shopping Center
  • Hongqi Rd.
  • Tel:23119802
  • Hongqi Road Department Store
  • Hongqi Rd.
  • Tel:2817244
  • Overseas Chinese Commercial Building
  • Zhongshan Rd.
  • Tel:2821003
  • Hongshan Market
  • 1 Xibei Rd.
  • Tel:4515025
  • Huadu Plaza
  • 23 Youhao S. Rd.
  • Tel:4529922
  • Modern Plaza
  • Youhao N. Rd.
  • Tel:4835594
  • Friendly Plaza
  • 14 Youhao N. Rd
  • Tel:4836888
  • Antique Store
  • 325 Jiefang S. Rd
  • Tel:2825161
  • Doran Jade Boutique
  • Guangming Rd.
  • Tel:2328088
  • Xiaobaiyang Jewelry and Gold Shop
  • Jiefang Rd.
  • Tel:2844958
  • Ethnic Arts and Crafts Corporation
  • Qitai Rd.
  • Tel:2825673
  • Carpet Factory
  • 40 Jing’er Rd.
  • Tel:5813292

Chengdu / Famous Bazaars


Sichuan has been known as the “land of abundance” since ancient times. Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan, stands in western Sichuan, where there is a vast expanse of land, high mountains, long rivers and the famous Wolong Giant Panda Nature Reserve. Hot pickled mustard tuber has a long history, and Sichuan embroidery, porcelain in a bamboo basket, Wuliangye liquor, Luzhou Laojiao liquor and Jiannachun liquor have been well known in and abroad.

Famous Bazaars

People’s Plaza

Founded in 1953, the People’s Plaza is one of the 10 major plazas in China, as well as the largest comprehensive commercial retail enterprise in southwestern China, selling a wide variety of commodities and integrating diversified services.

Chengdu Department Store

It is a large commercial enterprise in Chengdu, with an area of 15,000 sq m. It has six stories, and 13 commodity departments, and sells more than 30,000 kinds of commodities of 10 major categories. Its business network extends all through the China.

Lotus Pond Market

It is a large comprehensive wholesale market, ranking the first of the trade markets in southwestern China in terms of size and economic benefits.

Red Flag Plaza

Red Flag Plaza is a large multifunction comprehensive shopping center and the largest non-staple food mall in southwestern China, integrating shopping, food processing, accommodation, recreation, advertising and promotion, with an area of 10,000 sq m.

Parkson Square

The business building of the Parkson Square has seven stories and an area of 10,000 sq m. It sells over 100,000 kinds of commodities. Hence it is a paradise for customers.

Hong Kong / Famous Shopping Centers


Hong Kong is a world-renowned shopping center. High-grade famousbrand commodities and toys are seen everywhere in Hong Kong. Tourists from all over the world love to buy clothes in Hong Kong, where different kinds of shops sell different clothes. It is worth mentioning that silk products here are quite expensive. Cashmere sweaters produced in the inland and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region can be found in Hong Kong. They are smooth, soft, light and high quality.

Hong Kong is a world of gold, pearls and jewels. There are two kinds of jewelry shops in Hong Kong – traditional jewelry shops and famous brand jewelry shops. If you pay a visit to antique shops in Hong Kong, you will find a wide variety of Chinese style antiques, even more than those at the shops in the mainland of China. The commodities for daily use made in Asia and Europe can be found here, in addition to Chinese tea, and books in different languages.

Famous Shopping Centers

Times Square

With the Times Square as the center, there are many beautiful buildings, and about 300 shops. Each shop covers a large area, and sells special commodities. If customers want to save time, they should make an investigation beforehand and enter some special shops. At the shops, in addition to brand products made in Hong Kong, customers can find sports goods, commodities for children, discs, etc.

New World Center

From B/2 to T/F4, there are about 140 shops, mainly selling the latest fashions. The famous fashion brands are mainly made in Hong Kong.

World Trade Center

The World Trade Center enjoys a high reputation among customers due to its wide variety of up-to-date commodities and reasonable prices. Its high-quality goods can meet the demands of customers of different age groups.

Giordano Ltd.

With 43 shops in Hong Kong, Giordano is a standard-bearer of brand shops in Hong Kong. With a simple style and over 40 kinds of colors, Giordano has been well received by customers because of its reasonable price and clothes for casual wear.

Treasure Ease Ltd.

Treasure Ease Ltd. is a boutique selling high-quality freshwater pearls at wholesale or retail. Necklaces, ear rings and rings can be made to order according to customers’ requirements.

Just Gold Co. Ltd.

Just Gold Co. Ltd. is a store selling pure gold (999.9 percent) ornaments, which enjoy a high reputation among the Hong Kong people.

Auspicious Hall

Auspicious Hall is an antique shop, which is just like a history museum. The owner is a virtuoso. If a customer finds the antique he has bought is counterfeit, or is not satisfied with it, he will be refunded.

Fook Ming Tong Shop

Located in the Prince Bldg. by the Land Mark, Fook Ming Tong Shop is a special shop selling various kinds of Chinese tea, tea sets and beautifully packed Dragon Well Tea, Tieguanyin Tea and Puer Tea, which are good gifts to relatives and friends.

Shops in Hotels

The Peninsula Hong Kong

The Peninsula Hong Kong is a symbol of Hong Kong. It has a high class and elegant shopping center, selling a wide variety of products to meet customers’ needs. Many international brand shops, such as Chanel, are scattered on B/F and G/F, where the hotel lobby is located, in addition, cashmere sweaters, leather bags and leather shoes are made to order in some shops.

Shopping Center of Regent Hotel

The shopping center embraces many brand shops, such as Chanel, Carl, Louis Vuitton and Versus, selling a wide variety of commodities.

Sheraton Hong Kong and Towers

Pearls & Cashmere has five boutiques in Hong Kong. The cashmere suits made by its factory have various colors of slightly differences, fashionable, soft and lustrous.