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Nanchang / Famous Shops and Stores


Jiangxi Province boasts abundant products and a wide variety of local products, such as world-renowned Jingdezhen’s porcelain, Nanfeng honey tangerines which are noted as the “king of tangerines”, Site liquor and Lidu writing brushes, showing strong local characteristics.

Local Products and Handicrafts

Nanfeng Honey Tangerine

Nanfeng honey tangerine is the famous product of Jiangxi Province. Tender and sweet, with thin skin and orange color, and a refreshing taste, Nanfeng honey tangerine is highquality fruit suitable for both the elderly and the young. Stalin once called it the “king of tangerines”.

Bamboo Shoots

Jiangxi is one of the producers of bamboo shoots in China; and bamboo shoots are Jiangxi’s traditional products for export. Jiangxi produces several kinds of bamboo shoots. With much cellulose, bamboo shoots can help digestion, and prevent and cure obesity. Fried Winter Bamboo Shoots and Winter Mushrooms is a famous traditional dish loved by many Chinese people.

Jingdezhen Porcelain

Porcelain from China’s famous porcelain capital Jingdezhen is well known both at home and abroad. It is, to quote a popular saying, “as white as jade, as bright as a mirror, as thin as paper, and as sonorous as bell chime”. With a history of over 2,000 years, Jingdezhen produces over 1,000 varieties of traditional famous and newly developed products, which are sold to more than 100 countries and regions in the world.

Cloud and Fog Tea from Mount Lushan

The climate here is moist and cool, with clouds, fogs and proper sunshine all the year round. Hence an ideal place for growing tea.

Lidu Writing Brush

The writing brushes produced in Lidu Town, meticulously made with high-quality materials, have a round and smooth tip, good for writing Chinese calligraphy. The traditional famous-brand brushes include Pure Zihao, Qizi Sanyang, Mobao and Mohan brushes.

Shopping Streets

While maintaining the features of an ancient revolutionary city, Nanchang City has made great efforts in recent years to bring forth the new. Now four major shopping areas with the People’s Square as the center have been formed. Zhongshan and Zhanlan Roads gather some large comprehensive plazas and over 400 famous international and domestic garment stores. Ruzi Road is lined by stores selling telecommunications and photographic equipment. The shops on West Beijing Road mainly sell porcelain products made by Jingdezhen.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Jingdezhen Ancient Cultural Relics Shop
  • pottery and porcelain, calligraphy,paintings and jade articles
  • 9 Lianshe N. Rd., Jingdezhen
  • (0798) 8224209
  • Jiujiang Cultural Ancient Relics Shop
  • porcelain, color pottery, jade objects,enamelware, and bamboo,wood and ivory carvings
  • 90 Xunyang E. Rd., Jiujiang
  • (0792) 8584386
  • Jiangxi Cultual Relics Shop
  • Pearls, jewels, jade objects, bamboo, wood and bone carvings
  • 349 Minde Rd., Nanchang
  • (0791) 6704293
  • Nanchang Arts and Crafts Factory
  • Porcelain murals
  • 128 Minde Rd., Nanchang
  • (0791) 6782970

Shenzhen / Famous Shops and Stores


Shenzhen of Guangdong Province, which is adjacent to Hong Kong, is a famous special economic zone, and one of the important trading ports for foreign trade and international exchanges in China. Shenzhen is also a commercial city, known for its superb collection of famous, excellent and special products, as well as high grade and famous-brand foreign commodities. Shenzhen teems with litchis. Hence the Litchi Festival is held from late June to early July every year. During the festival, various kinds of economic, trade and cultural activities are held.

Shopping Streets

North Huaqiang Shopping Street

It gathers 47 plazas, over 3,400 stores and over 20 large specialized markets, which sell electronics and telecommunications equipment, clothes, household electrical appliances. Here you can find the largest markets in the city selling electronic accessories. household electrical appliances, clocks and watches.

The Wanshang, Wanjia, Shundian and Xindahao commercial and cultural squares are linked with each other, displaying the commercial and cultural flavor of a modem city.

Dongmen Pedestrian Shopping Street

Known as the Dongmen Old Street, it was formed in the Kangxi reign period of the Qing Dynasty. In the past 100 years, it has been the busiest Street in Shenzhen. As a traditional shopping area, Dongmen is a banner of Shenzhen commerce, with an area of 130,000 sq m. Its business area comes to 400,000 sq m. Over 300 shops in various sizes stand on the Street like a forest, selling articles of everyday use, various kinds of domestic and foreign famous-brand clothes, leather products, antiques, calligraphy, paintings, cultural relics, pottery and porcelain, the four treasures for the study, and rare handicrafts.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Shenfang Department Store
  • Shennan E. Rd.
  • Tel:2234118
  • International Plaza
  • People S. Rd.
  • Tel:2238948
  • Friendship Shop
  • Jiabin Rd.
  • Tel:2227104
  • Tianhong Shopping Center
  • Sherman M. Rd.
  • Tel:3355930
  • World Trade Tower Shopping Center
  • People S. Rd.
  • Tel:2253051
  • World Trade Center Plaza
  • Affiliate Bldg. 1, World Trade Tower
  • Tel:2174375
  • Wanjia General Merchandise Square
  • Huaqiang N. Rd.
  • Tel:5626700

Tianjin / Famous Shops and Stores


Tianjin is famous for its trade ports. In early Qing Dynasty, Tianjin’s trade developed to a certain scale. Beidaguan, Heping Road and Xiaobailou were three brisk commercial areas in the city’s history. Also many shops in the city have a long history. Quanyechang, the Meihua Shoe Shop, Ruifuxiang Silk and Cotton Fabrics Shop, Shengxifu Hat Shop, all have a long history.

As local economy has developed rapidly, some commercial areas left over by history have been rebuilt and updated while new commercial areas have been developed such as Binjiangdao Shopping Street, Ancient Cultural Street, Clothing Street and

Commercial City in southwest corner. In addition, the city has developed a batch of specialized markets including Shenyang Road Antique Market, Dahutong General Merchandise Market and the Imported Goods Market in Tanggu District.

Tianjin boasts many unique handicrafts such as Yangliuqing New Year Paintings, colored clay sculptures by the Zhang family, kites by the Wei family and Tianjin tapestries and carpets.

Famous Bazaars

Tianjin Quanyechang Bazaar

At the juncture of Binjiang Road and Heping Road, Quanyechang Bazaar has a history of more than 70 years. Today it has a business floor space of 36,000 square meters. The bazaar has 10 floors with one floor underground. It deals mainly medium grade commodities, with some high grade goods.

Darentang Pharmacy

A branch of Ancient the Le Family Shop developed from Tongrentang Pharmacy in Beijing. It has carried forward prescriptions, experiences and managerial traditions of Tongrentang Pharmacy. Its famous patent products including Bezoar Detoxicant Pills, Bezoar Resurrection Pills, pellet to promote blood flow to remove obstruction in the collaterals and White Phoenix Pills.

Shengxifu Hat Shop

Its hats have a good quality and are of great varieties. The shop has been capable of constantly developing new varieties for the market changes. With a trademark of Three Hats, its products have a good market at home and abroad.

Old Meihua Shoe Shop

Opened in 1911, it sells various kinds of shoes for the elderly and middle-aged people. Its shoes are graceful, soft, light and durable. Its products include shoes with a wool cover, camel hair-padded shoes, cotton-padded shoes and pigskin shoes with rubber soles.

Yangliuqing Painting Shop

Yangliuqing New Year Paintings are one of famous folk wood-block pictures. Developed in 1628 during the Ming Dynasty, they are wood-block printings, which are painted in colors. The pictures are bright and vivid. Yangliuqing New Year Paintings have entered the international market.

Cultural Relics Co. Shops

The company has Yilin Building, Wenyuan Building and Cuiwen Studio for selling ancient ceramics, paintings and calligraphic works by celebrities, jewelry, hard wood furniture.

Carpet Sales Center

Tianjin has a long history in carpet production and is famous at home and abroad for its production skills and styles. Tianjin carpets are durable and elastic. Their designs are varied. Tianjin carpets are available in more than 40 countries and regions.

Shopping Streets

Heping Road and Binjiang Road Shopping Streets

On the western side of Haihe River, the crossed Heping Road Shopping Street and Binjiang Road Shopping Street are the busiest pedestrian only shopping center of the city. On these two streets, there are Quanyechang Bazaar, Hualian Trade Mansion, the Department Store Building, Tianjin Shoe Shop, Guanshengyuan Food Shop, Binjiang Trade Mansion and newly built shopping centers and boutiques.

Xiaobailou Commercial Zone

As early as in the 1920s, this zone had been brisk and famous for selling high-grade commodities and imported goods. Today, the zone is full of shops including the famous Daxin Wool Clothing Shop, Qishilin and Chongqing Hairdresser’s, the newly built Victorious Gate Mansion and Binjiang Shopping Center. The zone is a center for buying high-grade commodities and amusements.

Clothing Street

This 620-meter-long street covers an area of 30,000 square meters and has a business area of 38,000 square meters. It boasts some 100 shops and stores for handling retails and wholesales of famous, new-styled and special clothes and fabrics. Some sell shoes, hats and general merchandise and provide tailor services and exhibitions and sales of commodities.

Ancient Cultural Street

On this Qing-style street, there are some 100 shops and stores for selling classical and ancient books, antiques, jade articles, traditional handicrafts and articles full of local flavor. Also there are some authorized sellers of Yangliuqing New Year Paintings, painted clay figures by the Zhang family and the kites by the Wei family.

Tanggu Imported Goods Market

On Fushun Road in Tanggu District close to the Tianjin Development Zone it is the first exclusive sales market of imported goods in north China. Covering a floor space of 16,000 square meters, the market boasts 2,000 stands for selling automobiles, house electrical appliances, camera and parts, and clothes.

Shenyang Road Antique Market

The market boasts some 100 stores and shops and more than 300 stands and peddlers. All shops and stores are built or decorated in classic styles and sell ancient ceramics, furniture, clocks, watches, paintings, calligraphic works, ink sticks, writing brushes, paper and ink slabs, and gold, silver, bronze, iron, wood and jade handicrafts.

Trading City in the Southwest Corner

Situated in Nankai District, this city is one of the busiest shopping centers in Tianjin. It boasts some 400 large, medium-sized and small shops for selling more than 30,000 kinds of commodities including Tianjin Market, Dongfang Trade Mansion, Longfeng Market, Nankai Trade Street and Tianjin Hotel.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Darentang Pharmacy
  • 119 Binjiang Rd., Heping District
  • Tel :27122340
  • Shengxifu Hat Shop
  • Heping Rd., Heping District
  • Tel :27273522
  • Old Meihua Shoe Shop
  • Hering Rd., Hering District
  • Tel :27354928
  • Cultural Relics Co. Shops
  • 105 Ancient Cultural St.
  • Tel :27275235
  • Friendship Co.
  • 21 Youyi Rd., Hexi District
  • Tel :28353003
  • Tianjin Gallery
  • 4 Guanghua Rd., Hedong District
  • Tel :24380256
  • Yangliuqing Painting Shop
  • 139 Ancient Cultural St., Nankai District
  • Tel :27275191
  • Darentang Pharmacy Trade Mansion
  • 290 Shanxi Rd., Hering District
  • Tel :23328693
  • Department of Painted Clay Figures
  • 97 Gongbei, Ancient Cultural St., Nankai District by the Zhang Family
  • Tel :27275248
  • First Metal Handicraft Factory Sales Department
  • 116 Hongxing Rd., Hedong District
  • Tel :24340354
  • Baixin Jewelry and Gold Building
  • 194 Binjiang Rd., Heping District
  • Tel :27307575
  • Carpet Sales Center
  • 5 Xinweidi Rd., Hexi District
  • Tel :28332663
  • Daheng Clothing Co. Hebei District
  • 1 N. Bldg, Chuanyunli, Zhongshan Rd.,
  • Tel :26265105
  • Yong’an General Merchandise Shopping Center
  • 1 Beijianyuan Rd.
  • Tel :24211101
  • Tongda Special Handicraft Factory Department
  • 41 Jialing Rd., Nankai District
  • Tel :27610215
  • Binjiang Trade Mansion
  • 193 Binjiang Rd., Herring District
  • Tel :27117880
  • Isdam Co. Ltd. Shopping Center
  • Inside Jili Building, Nanjing Rd., Heping District
  • Tel :27221111
  • Jixian County Huangyaguan Great
  • In Huangyaguan Section of the Great Wall in Wall Shop Jixian County
  • Tel : 29718106

Shops in Hotels

  • Shop in Sheraton Tianjin Hotel – Dealing various kinds of handicrafts.
  • Add: Zijinshan Rd., Hexi District
  • Tel: (022) 23343388
  • Shop in Hyatt Regency Tianjin – Dealing various kinds of handicrafts, food, cigarettes and wines.
  • Add: 219 Jiefang N. Rd., Heping District
  • Tel: (022) 23318888
  • Shop in Crystal Palace Hotel – Dealing imported food, wines and drinks.
  • Add: 28 Youyi Rd., Hexi District
  • Tel: (022) 28356888
  • Shop in Astor Hotel – Dealing daily necessities, handicrafts and souvenirs.
  • Add: 33 Taierzhuang Rd., Heping District
  • Tel: (022) 23311688
  • Shop in Teda International Hotel – Dealing daily necessities, handicrafts and souvenirs.
  • Add: 8 Second St., Economic Development Zone
  • Tel: (022) 25326000

Guangzhou / Famous Shopping Streets


Guangzhou boasts eight major shopping streets, such as Dishipu, Beijing Road, Gaodi Street which sells articles of everyday use, Culture Street on Wende Road, Night Market at the West Lake Road, and the Golden Fish Street on Shufang Street, Danan Road. If you take a tour of these shopping streets, you will surely come back with lots of commodities. The beautiful Ram City is indeed a paradise for shopping.

Famous Bazaars

Tianhe City Square

If you want to experience a typical modern life, you are recommended to pay a visit to the area near Tianhe City, and Tianhe. Sports Center, where you will find it on a large scale and with various functions. Your children will love to visit the “Space Shuttle,” an emulated movie studio on the first floor of the Tianhe City Square, and a skating rink on the fourth floor.

Walking out of the eastern side gate of the Tianhe City Square, you will go to Hongcheng Square, where you may take it easy to do shopping as it is not crowded with people.

Guangzhou Department Store

Located on 295 Beijing Road, Guangzhou Department Store is a large state-owned mall, mainly selling famous, excellent, new and special commodities. It has 11 shopping centers, such as articles of everyday use, food, clocks and watches, men and women’s clothes, bedding, shoes and leather products, and cultural articles. Customers may select goods from the open shelves.

Xindaxin Company

Located on 4 Zhongshan Wulu, Xindaxin Company is one of the largest state-owned department stores in Guangzhou, with a construction area of 21,000 sq m. The 16-story building includes 15 shopping centers, selling food, articles of everyday use, cosmetics, women and children’s clothes, knit wears and textiles, bedroom articles, men’s clothes, audiovideo products, stationary, toys and sports articles and furniture centers. The Asian Commercial Federation named Xindaxin Company as the “Best General Merchandise Company of Asia.”

Nanfang Building

It is a large state-owned retail sale enterprise with a time-honored history. As one of the 10 top department stores in China, Nanfang Building enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad, and consists of the West and Main buildings, a shopping street, and the underground shopping center across the Road. It covers a total business area of 13,000 sq m. The shopping street outside the main building sells refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, electric fans, bicycles, sewing machines and motorcycles. Nanfang Building features “high grade, fashionable and low-price” commodities.

Shopping Streets

Shangxiajiu-Dishipu Pedestrian Shopping Street

It is one of the three major municipal-level shopping areas of Guangzhou. The 800-meter-long Street is lined with nearly 250 shops.

It starts from Shangxiajiu Road in the east, ends at Dishipu W. Road in the west. It has a group of old famous stores, such as the Yong’an Department Store, Guangzhou Garment Store, Herring Shoes and Hats Store, and Dalu Clock and Watch Store; some well renowned restaurants, including Guangzhou Restaurant, Taotaoju Restaurant, Wenchang Chicken, and Taotao Ginger and Onion Chicken; the Hualin Furniture and Jade Objects Street; Qingping Road; Liwan Square where stand a group of residential apartment buildings; and a large number of stores selling stationary.

Beijing Road Pedestrian Shopping Street

It is the second pedestrian Street of this kind in Guangzhou. It is also an ideal place for customers and tourists to do shopping at weekend and holidays. It mainly includes a shopping section on the Beijing Road, which is home to over 10 large and medium sized shopping centers, such as Xindaxin Company, Guangzhou Department Store and Taibai Plaza, several bookstores and Xinhua Bookstore, which sell dictionaries, and education, ancient, music, fine arts and children’s books, Changjiang Musical Instruments Store, Sanduoxian Studio, JiyazhaiStudio, Yanfang Photo Studio, Xinyitai Sports Goods Store, etc.

People can also find the Beijing, Jianqiang and New Style stores, the brilliantly illuminated night markets; some restaurants, such as Taiping Restaurant and Lidu Restaurant; and many fast food restaurants.

Famous Shopping Streets and Areas

  • Shangxiajiu Dishipu Xiguan Commercial, Trade, Delicacy and Shopping Pedestrian Street
  • Delicacies and shopping
  • Dishipu Rd., Shangjiu Rd. and Maim Rd. in Liwan District
  • Beijing Road
  • Pedestrian Shopping
  • Beijing Rd.
  • Hualin Jade Objects and Furniture Street furniture
  • Jade objects and mahogany
  • Hualin St., Xilaichudi in Liwan District
  • Gaodi Street Market Shopping street
  • Clothes and goods for daily use
  • Gaodi St. in Beijing S.Rd.
  • Wende Road Culture Street
  • Antiques, old books, Flowers, birds insects and fish
  • Wende Rd. in Dongshan District
  • Qingping Road Farm Products Market
  • Farm Produce
  • Near Qingping and Tiyun Roads in Liwan District
  • Illuminated Night Market on the West Lake Road
  • Fashion dresses
  • Near West Lake and Education Roads
  • Changdi Shopping Area
  • Shopping
  • Long embankment on the north
  • Dongshan Shopping
  • Fashion dresses,general
  • Around the Dongshan Department Area
  • Hongde Road Shopping Area
  • General merchandise, stationary merchandise
  • Southern side of People’s Bridge Store as Department
  • Jiangnan Shopping Area
  • Shopping
  • Southern side of Haizhu Bridge
  • Liuhua Shopping Area
  • Garment markets
  • Near Guangzhou Railway Station
  • Tianhe New Shopping Area
  • Shopping Center
  • In the New Tianhe City

Dalian / Famous Shops and Stores


Trade in Dalian is one of the pillar industries in national economy developed simultaneously with the city. Daily-use articles, non-staple food and catering services and various kinds of enterprises have existed and developed. In 1998, Dalian had 154,000 commercial centers with a combined business floor space of 7.05 million square meters. Also the city has 579 markets, one futures market and 40 large commercial facilities with a floor space of more than 10,000 square meters each. Dalian is being built into the most attractive regional tourist and trade center in northeast China, in China or even in Northeast Asia region.

Famous Bazaars

Sports Facilities Market

At 60 Jianhua Street, Zhongshan District, it is a specialized market capable of producing and selling sports facilities and providing services. It is one of China’s four largest sports shops. This market has eight branches and one sports facilities factory. Mainly it sells famous sports costumes, shoes, caps, body-fitting facilities, water sports facilities, sports training equipment and fishing articles, in more than 8,000 kinds.

Tianbai Department Store

In Tianjin Street, Zhongshan District, it handles wholesales and retails. With a long history, it is a nuclear enterprise of Dalian Tianbai Group Co. Ltd. and sells good merchandise, food, local and special products. It was expanded in 1981 and a fly-over connects two buildings on both sides of the street together. Today it has a business floor space of 15,000 square meters and handles more than 80,000 kinds of commodities.

New Friendship Store

On Renmin Road, a shopping center open to foreign tourists, the shop is integrated with the five-star Furama Hotel. It sells high-grade, famous brand and special products. In its basement, it sells fashion clothes at home and abroad, women’s articles, shoes, hats, woolen products and Goldlion exquisite articles for gentlemen. Food supermarket sells various food and daily-use articles, sanitary goods and kitchen utensils.

Maikaile Dalian Mall

It is a component part of Dalian International Trade Mansion jointly run by Dalian Mall of Dalian Trade Group and Maikaile Co. of Japan. It has a business floor space of 50,000 square meters selling food, fabrics, clothing, daily use articles, sports and recreational facilities and a theater jointly run with a Japanese enterprise.

Dalian Mall

A retail enterprise, it was built in 1937 and had the present name in 1981. Today it is a large mall for shopping, relaxation, visits, sightseeing, gatherings and recreational activities.

Tianlun Trade Mansion

At the west entrance to the pedestrian Tianjin Street in downtown area, it has a floor space of 10,000 square meters, an excellent decoration and a graceful environment. It has promoted a series of services such as offering annual check of household electrical appliances, maintenance of jewelry, matching of your clothes with decorations. It has then opened the first retails network in the city and won great support from the customers.

Zhongxing Dalian Trade Mansion

Also called Dalian Hualian Trade Mansion, it is a modern commercial enterprises combining shopping with recreational activities and catering. It has nine markets for selling 70,000 kinds of commodities including household necessities, general merchandise, shoes, hats, stationery, clocks and wristwatches and goods for children.

Friendship Commercial City

This modern trade building is composed of shopping, catering, recreational centers and offices. Its shopping mall has a business floor space of 15,000 square meters. Two floors underground and six floors above sell 100,000 kinds of commodities including household electrical appliances, household necessities, food, imported general merchandise, clothes for ladies and gentlemen, leather shoes and other leather products, sports facilities and handicrafts.

Shengli Square Shopping Center

This shopping center was established by Mr. Cai Chennan, a famous businessman from Taiwan. It has two Europe-style six-story buildings, a three-story basement and eight shopping streets with a total floor space of 147,000 square meters. It includes Shengli Fashion General Merchandise Hall, restaurants providing dishes of different flavors, supermarkets, underground famous commodity streets, electric amusement ground, KTV rooms and a cinema.

Shopping Streets

Qingniwa Commercial City

It is a center of commodity fair, tourist shopping and trade activities of the city. It occupies an area of 120,000 square meters and boasts 150 retail shops, many famous brand clothes boutiques and other exquisite goods shops selling commodities of 14 categories, including the national famous Dalian Mall, Shengli General Merchandise, Zhongxing Dalian Trade Mansion, Qiulin Co., Bohai Hotel, Maikaile Dalian Mall and Dalian Swiss Hotel. The business floor space is 200,000 square meters.

Tianjinjie Shopping Street

One of the busiest pedestrian only streets in Dalian and the earliest shopping street in the city, it is more than 1,000 meters long. It boasts many famous old shops and newly-built large size modern trade enterprises. Also there are some cinemas, clubs and 560 trade network centers along the street.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Dalian Mall
  • 1 Qingsan St., Zhongshan District
  • Tel:3633888
  • Maikaile Dalian Mall
  • 57 Qingni St., Zhongshan District
  • Tel:2300666
  • Friendship Commercial City
  • 68 Rennin Rd., Zhongshan District
  • Tel:2659898
  • New Friendship Store
  • 62 Renmin Rd., Zhongshan District
  • Tel:2639944
  • Friendship Exquisite Goods Shop
  • 18 Huizhan Rd., Shahekou District
  • Tel:4800727
  • Friendship Store in Development Zone
  • 2-1 Wucaicheng District, Development Zone
  • Tel:7610447
  • Tianlun Trade Mansion
  • 299 Tianjin St., Zhongshan District
  • Tel:2500198
  • South Korea Clothing Wholesales City
  • 244 Changjiang Rd., Zhongshan District
  • Tel:3628252
  • Yujing Commercial City
  • 5 Dagong St., Zhongshan District
  • Tel:3641710
  • Taiyangshen Aquatic Products Market
  • East Section, Quanshuicun, Huabei Rd., Ganjingzi District
  • Tel:6565306
  • Tianbai Department Store 1
  • 60 Tianjin St., Zhongshan District
  • Tel:2808808
  • Zhongxing Dalian Trade Mansion
  • 42 Youhao St., Zhongshan District
  • Tel:3680611
  • Wal – Mart
  • 147 Zhongshan Rd.
  • Tel:3687955
  • Carrefour
  • 665 Huanghe Rd., Shahekou District
  • Tel:4653299
  • Tianhe Parkson Shopping Center
  • 22-38 Xi’an Rd., Shahekou District
  • Tel:4638899
  • Liaoning Times Shopping Center
  • 7 Gangwan St., Zhongshan District
  • Tel:2798001
  • Guotai Mansion
  • 223-227 Tianjin St., Zhongshan District
  • Tel:2656518
  • Qiulin Women’s Store
  • 108 Zhongshan Rd., Zhongshan District
  • Tel:3633888
  • Xianshi Qiulin
  • 18 Jiefang Rd., Zhongshan District
  • Tel:2508088
  • Rongsheng Square
  • 8 Wuhui Rd., Zhongshan District
  • Tel:2824642
  • Shengli Square Shopping Center
  • 28 Shengli Square, Zhongshan District
  • Tel:2502666
  • Dalian Cultural Relics Shop
  • 34 Huanghe Rd., Xigang District
  • Tel:3625414
  • Tianjinjie Cultural Relics Shop
  • 229 Tianjin St., ZhongshanDistrict
  • Tel:2634955
  • Calligraphy and Painting Sudio
  • 7 Zhongshan Rd., Zhongshan District
  • Tel:2636115
  • Shell Mosaics Factory Handicraft Store
  • 65 Bulao St., Shahekou District
  • Tel:3631149
  • Shengdao Glassware Factory
  • 2 Xinan Rd., Ganjingzi District
  • Tel:6641922
  • Liaoyu Group Dalian Sales Dept.
  • 38 Jiefang Rd., Zhongshan District
  • Tel:2647010

Guilin / Famous Shops and Stores


Known for its verdant hills, limpid waters, mysterious caves and grotesque rocks, Guilin has enjoyed the reputation of having the country’s most beautiful scenery for hundreds of years. Guilin local products and handicrafts include Shatian shaddock, water chestnuts, fermented bean curd, medicinal materials, paper umbrellas and artistic pottery and porcelain.

Local Products and Handicrafts

Water Chestnut

Water chestnuts grown in Guilin have thin skin, thick pulp, a bright color and a sweet taste. They may be eaten as fruit, or used to prepare dishes.


Mangosteen is a precious traditional Chinese medicine. The medicines made of its roots and fruit can help clear the lung, reduce phlegm, and improve the spleen.

Fermented Bean curd

Fermented bean curd made in Guilin is yellow in cream color, transparent, soft and delicious. It may be eaten together with rice or bread, or used as a seasoning.

Paper Umbrella

Guilin has a history of 400 years of making paper umbrellas, which fall into two varieties, oil and colorful umbrellas. Paper umbrellas made in Guilin are ancient, unsophisticated and elegant, with beautiful designs and various styles. The paper umbrella may serve as a good gift.

Artistic Pottery and Porcelain

Guilin artistic pottery and porcelain are made of local clay after a series of production procedures, with a simple, new and graceful style.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Silver Dragon Jewelry Co. Ltd.
  • Pearls, jewels, jade objects
  • 26 Seven Star Rd.
  • Tel:5829888
  • Lulingguan Drugstore
  • Traditional Chinese medicinal materials, Chinese patent medicines
  • In Yanshan Botanical Garden
  • Tel:3550696
  • Ethnic Calligraphy and Painting Store
  • Calligraphy, paintings of Tourism Vocational School
  • In the Tourism Vocational School
  • Tel:5812415
  • Tourism Jade Carving Factory
  • Pearls, jewels, jade objects
  • By Jiashan Hotel
  • Tel:2861562
  • Yulong Jewelry Store
  • Pearls, jewels, jade objects
  • 4 Shijiayuan, Lidong Rd.
  • Tel:5831928
  • Ziyuan Trade Company
  • Pearls
  • 35 Xishan Rd.
  • Tel:2834176
  • Silver Dragon Pearl & Famous Painting Company
  • Pearls, famous paintings
  • 1 East Chuanshan Rd.
  • Tel:5825888
  • Ruixiangbao Jade and Treasure Stone Shop
  • Crystal products
  • 2 Foxing Rd.
  • Tel:5819292
  • Lipai Dress Company
  • Silk dresses
  • 85 Binjiang Rd.
  • Tel:2807321
  • Shanyu Hall of Weird Stones from Nature
  • Weird stones
  • By South Xishan Park
  • Tel:3826482
  • Artistic Pottery and Porcelain Factory
  • Artistic pottery and porcelain ware
  • 72 Seven Star Rd.
  • Tel:5812763

Shops in Hotels

  • Sheraton Hotel Shopping center
  • Antiques, jade objects, Guilin Food, special tapestries
  • Binjiang S. Rd.
  • Tel:2825588
  • Guilin Hotel Shopping center
  • Classical clothes, handicrafts
  • 14 Ronghu S. Rd.
  • Tel:2823950
  • Ronghu Hotel Shopping center
  • Clothes, handicrafts
  • 17 Ronghu N. Rd.
  • Tel:2823811
  • Lijiang Hotel Shopping center
  • Ornaments, carpets
  • 1 Shanhu N. Rd.
  • Tel:2822881

Wuhan/ Shopping Streets


Located on the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, Hubei stands in the center of China. As the capital of Hubei, Wuhan is the communications hub of central China. Its local products include blunt-snout bream red bolts of Chinese cabbages, Mahong cakes, Xiaogan sesame candies, turquoise carvings, Yellow Crane Tower wine and Green Brick tea.

Shopping Streets

Jianghan Road

Jianghan Road, which gathers the city’s best shops, is the commercial show window of Wuhan. It is lined by several hundred shops, selling over 50,000 varieties of commodities from all over the country.

Hanzheng Street

Hanzheng Street is famous in China as a market selling small commodities. Over 1,000 stores and stands line it.

Shops in Hotels

  • Wuhan Oriental Grand Hotel
  • Articles of daily use, handicrafts
  • Hankou Railway Station Square
  • Tel:85888668
  • Asia Hotel
  • Handicrafts, imitations of ancient products
  • 616 Jiefang Ave.
  • Tel:83807777
  • White Rose Hotel
  • Articles of daily use, handicrafts
  • Minzhu Rd., Wuchang
  • Tel:87893366
  • Lantian Hotel
  • Articles of daily use, handicrafts
  • Jiefang Ave., Haikou
  • Tel:83646555

Harbin / Famous Shops and Stores


Harbin is not only the ideal place to enjoy ice and snow tour, but also a shopping center. It has held several import and export commodities fairs and enjoyed a high reputation at the international market. It boats many special and local products including the agate from Longjiang, wheat straw patchwork, ox horn mosaics, chum salmon, hedgehog and edible black fungus and thorny acanthopanax root and blackberry.

Famous Bazaars

Qiulin Co.

It is a comprehensive shopping mall dealing mainly with brand clothing, food, general merchandise, which will provide you a graceful environment and all kinds of facilities.

Songlei Trade Mansion

It is a comprehensive shopping center for shopping, relaxation, catering, amusement and sightseeing.

Songlei International Trade Mansion

It sells sophisticated clothes for ladies and gentlemen, leisure clothing, shoes, beddings, cosmetics, gold and silver jewelry.

Harbin First Department Store

It is a large-scaled comprehensive shopping mall, which will cater you with a rich variety of merchandise of all grads and is a representative shopping mall in Harbin.

Yuanda Shopping Center

A comprehensive large-scale center for shopping, catering and amusement, it has a business area of 40,000 square meters. It has eight floors including two in basement. This magnificent building boasts advanced and perfect facilities and a bright and spacious shopping environment.

Central Commercial City

It mainly sells general merchandise, cosmetics, and exquisite clothing.

Shopping Streets

Sino-Russian Trade Market

A large exchange center for Chinese and Russian people living in border areas established in June 1992, it is composed of five streets crossed each other. It has two indoor business halls. The market occupies an area of 30,000 square meters. Its outdoor business hall has a floor space of 24,000 square meters. In semi-closed building, the market has 2,500 stands.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Qiulin Co.
  • General merchandise
  • 319 Dongdazhi St.
  • Tel:3600588
  • Harbin No. l Department Store
  • General merchandise
  • 118 Shitoudao St.
  • Tel:4615588
  • Central Commercial City
  • General merchandise
  • 100 Central St.
  • Tel:4654684
  • Songlei Trade Mansion
  • General merchandise
  • 329 Dongdazhi St.
  • Tel:3646867
  • Pharmacy Medicines
  • 366 Fendou Rd.
  • Tel:3631359
  • Heibao Medicine Group
  • Health-care goods and medicines
  • 166 Zhongshan Rd.
  • Tel:2668532
  • Sibulandi Gem Co.
  • Handicrafts 5/F, Kegongmao, Changjiang Rd.
  • Tel:2310121
  • Hanqing Pearl Shop
  • Handicrafts
  • 3 Beijing St.
  • Tel:3660468
  • Korean Ethnic Goods Shop
  • Handicrafts of Korean ethnic group
  • 41 Jingwei Erdao St.
  • Tel:4282606
  • Dongbeihu Leather World
  • Leather
  • 73 Central St.
  • Tel:4689588
  • Songlei International Trade
  • General merchandise Mansion
  • Daoli District
  • Tel:4685419
  • Yuanda Shopping Center
  • General merchandise
  • 19 Rongshi St., Nangang District
  • Tel:3627189
  • Sino-Russian Trade Market
  • Clothing and Handicrafts
  • 13 Hegou St., Nangang District
  • Tel:3672347

Lanzhou / Famous Shops and Stores


Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu, is surrounded by mountains and the rivers, with fertile soil, and sufficient sunshine. As the temperature here varies greatly between day and night, it is an ideal place for growing sweet melons and fruit. Since ancient times, Lanzhou has been known both at home and abroad for its Bailan melons, Zui melons, black watermelon seeds, Dongguo pears, soft pears, honey peaches, lilies, hotbed chives, and roses. The Yellow River sweet melons, which have been developed in recent years, are very sweet and tasty, with a golden yellow color.

Lanzhou produces a wide variety of arts and crafts, showing their unique characteristics, such as Dunhuang pottery ware, Tao ink slabs, Tianshui carved lacquer ware, weird stones from the Yellow River, Bao’an waist knives, and Gansu carpets. Gansu also produces precious medicinal materials, such as Chinese angelica, Codonopsis pilosula, and rheum officinale. Gansu Province enjoys a high reputation for its traditional Chinese patent.

Local Products and Handicrafts

Lanzhou Bailan Melons

Bailan melons are also known as the Lanzhou melons. In the 1940s, Mr. Wallace, vice-president of the United States, came to visit China. He brought with him some melon seeds. With the seeds, Lanzhou people developed Bailan melons. Now Bailan melons are widely grown in Lanzhou, and those grown in Qingbaishi, Lanzhou, are the best.

Bailan melon is light yellow, orange or white. Its pulp is light green or apricot yellow, juicy and fragrant.

Mapi Zui Melons

Mapi Zui melons are sweet melons evolved from Harm melons from the Xinjiang. They are in an elliptic or round shape, with yellowish green or green skin. If a melon is ripe, its skin will become rough. When a melon is open by a knife, there will be a smell of wine. The melon has thick and fine pulp, much juice and a fragrant smell.

Hotbed Chives

Hotbed chives are tender sprouts of Chinese chives cultivated by the Lanzhou people through a special way, mainly growing on the both banks of the Yellow, Datong and Yuanchuan rivers in Lanzhou. As a tender vegetable, hotbed chives can be fried with sliced chicken meat, or used to prepare cold dishes or soup.


A big lily is as large as a lotus flower, and a small one is like a fist, weighing 350 g on average. White in color, lilies can be made into delicious dishes together with bean products, gluten, edible fungus, and can be fried, or steamed. Local people also prepare sweet deserts or soup with lilies, which are also good medicines cooked with other ingredients.

Daban Watermelon Seeds

Daban watermelon seeds are mainly produced in the suburbs of Lanzhou, and Gaolan, Yongdeng, Jingyuan and Huining counties. The melon seeds are from the light green watermelons full of large seeds. As the watermelon is drought resisting, local people often have a bumper harvest. The black seeds of watermelons are processed to be spiced, salty and tasty watermelon seeds which have been well received by customers.

Honey Peaches

As the land of peaches, Gansu has grown peaches for over 3,000 years. Now Gansu produces over 200 varieties of peaches, of which the honey peach produced in Lanzhou is the best. Lanzhou grows 184 varieties of peaches, such as June, Zhushajian and Chishui peaches, and the peach tree forests in Arming District cover an area of 473.3 hectares. Chishui peaches and Baifen peaches are the most famous. Honey peaches produced in Lanzhou are big, soft, sweet and juicy and tasty. The people in Anningbao live a long life, because they eat a lot of peaches.

Songhua Mushrooms

Songhua mushrooms, also known as “cockscomb mushrooms,” are precious fungus. As large as a fist, Songhua mushrooms have weird shapes, and are in different colors, such as light yellow, light red, blackish green, purple and red. Tender and tasty, Songhua mushrooms can be fried, or stewed with meat.

Cobbles from the Yellow River

Cobbles from the Yellow River that have been washed by the river water for thousands of years can be made handicraft articles, showing uncanny workmanship. In recent years, the cobble handicrafts have been well received by both Chinese and foreign tourists.

Kushui Rose

Lanzhou people have a long history of growing roses. Kushui Township in Yongdeng County grows the best roses in China. Fragrant roses can be preserved in sugar or honey, and can be used to make wine, sauce, tea and various cakes and candies. Rose oil is precious material for making perfume and high-class cosmetics.

Lanzhou Shredded Tobacco for Water Pipes

Shredded tobacco for water pipes is also known as the nine-leave fragrant grass or yellow-flower tobacco. The tobacco irrigated with water from the Five-spring Red Earth Ditch is the best for its color, quality and smell. Hence the saying that “Lanzhou leads the country in high-quality tobacco.”

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Antique Shop
  • 3 Xijin W. Rd.
  • Tel:2328938
  • Arts and Crafts Shop
  • 267 Donggang W. Rd.
  • Tel:8465839
  • Cuibao Studio
  • 263 Donggang W. Rd.
  • Tel:8823405
  • Gansu Art Academy
  • 266 Binhe E. Rd.
  • Tel:8413466
  • Lanzhou Minbai Building
  • 7 Minzhu W. Rd.
  • Tel:8858575
  • Sainahe Culture & Art World
  • 45 Tai’an Rd.
  • Tel:8828987

Nanjing / Famous Shops and Stores


Nanjing is famous for three treasures – cloud brocade, paper-cut and imitations of ancient ivory carvings. Other famous products and handicrafts include Nanjing colorful pebbles, Jinling gold foils, Nanjing velvet flowers, Jinling folded fans, wood carvings, velvet and jade objects.

Famous Bazaars

Gold Eagle International Shopping Center

In Xinjiekou area, this center is a huge mall established according to the international standards for a modern international and domestic famous brand merchandise including daily-use articles, jewelry, clothes for ladies and gentlemen, and electrical household appliances.

Xinjiekou Department Store

In Xinbai building, southeast corner of Xinjiekou Square, it was first established in 1952 and is one of the 10 famous department stores in the country. It sells some 50,000 kinds of commodities. Also it handles trade, catering, amusement, shipping and imports and exports.

Central Mall

In Xinjiekou area, Central Mall is an enterprise with a long history and a center for shopping, sightseeing, catering, amusement and leisure. In addition to general merchandise, it handles production means, advertising, amusement and processing. It also has the business right to import and export goods.

Shopping Streets

Confucius Temple

It is one of the traditional shopping centers in the city. Composed of five markets, it sells antique, ancient calligraphic works and paintings; flowers, birds, fish; folk handicrafts; small articles; and snacks with local flavor. It combines trade with tourism, catering, culture and amusement. Today it has 136 shops including the large and comprehensive Department Store, various kinds of specialized shops, tourist facilities and a group of well known old restaurants.

Tourist and Sightseeing Shopping Street on Hunan Road

Hunan Road in downtown area starts from Shanxi Road Square in the west to Central Road in the east. Along this road there are 153 shops including five malls and 25 renowned-brand boutiques, with a business area of over 36,000 square meters. It is one of the busiest shopping streets and the first night fair of Nanjing.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Xinjiekou Department Store
  • 3 Zhongshan S. Rd.
  • Tel:4715188
  • Central Mall
  • 79 Zhongshan S. Rd.
  • Tel:4718288
  • Gold Eagle Int’l Shopping Center
  • 89 Hanzhong Rd.
  • Tel:4708899
  • Youyi Hualian Mall
  • 17 Hanzhong Rd.
  • Tel:4707330
  • Jiangsu Cultural Relics General Store
  • 321 Zhongshan E. Rd.
  • Tel:4800701